Which sunscreen to choose : Qiriness range

quels produits solaires choisir

Which sunscreen to choose ? A question that we ask ourselves more and more at the beginning of the summer. Many brands offer ranges to protect ourselves from the sun and the choice is not always simple. Today, I’m going to talk about products that I recently discovered and that I really liked.

Which sunscreen to choose : the Qiriness range

In the spring of 2019, the Qiriness brand pushed its innovation on their Soleil Suprême sun products  which want to combine protection and detox of the skin. Qiriness has developed a new active ingredient complex for which a patent has been filed : QD-3 SUN. This complex brings to each woman a real care and optimizes the beauty of the skin by combining three actions :

  • Defense : the products of the Soleil Suprême range offer a global photoprotection (anti-UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared) and fight against the photoaging. Thanks to the Butterfly bush extract and a wide-spectrum sunscreen system that the products will absorb most rays and protect from blue light. Butterfly bush extract also supports the process of cellular detoxification while reducing free radicals and mediators of inflammation.
  • Detox : the solar range will activate the mechanisms of cellular detoxification and limit the oxidative stress. It is with the Cresson sprout extracts that the brand manages to protect the skin. Qiriness works in two stages:
      • fighting against free radicals, toxin generators, and
      • by activating the cellular detoxification mechanisms.
  • Divine : the products will smooth the skin big and bring a luminous and homogeneous skin. The  Whu-Zu-Yu extracts, well known in traditional Chinese medicine, contain activating molecules that stimulate the microcirculation process, optimizing the nutrient and oxygen supply.

The Soleil Suprême range allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the sun while minimizing its misdeeds. Qiriness wants to provide protection while sublimating the tan.

quels produits solaires choisir

Which sunscreen to choose : the Sun Supreme Qiriness range

The Supreme Sun range of Qiriness comes in several categories:

and after-sun with the Caresse Après Soleil range with :

  • the Wrap Après-Soleil (5,90 €): a hydrogel mask that will deeply moisturize, refresh and soothe the face after exposure to the sun. The wrap will help prolong the tan while helping to combat the harmful effects of sun exposure.
  • Detoxifying & Sublimating Soothing After-Sun Milk (€ 24.90): this milk combines extracts of Aloe Vera and Peppermint that will deeply rehydrate the skin that has been exposed to the sun. This product will also sublimate the tan and make it last longer. The skin will be soft, supple and satiny.

My opinion on the Soleil Suprême range

All products in the range have a particularly delicate, feminine and luxurious scent. This brings fun right from the application – that sometimes we can find boring during the holidays. Another point that I really like is that all the textures are melting and light. The products are non-sticky, resistant to water and sand.

I had a crush on the face mask that is really a plus to bring in the suitcase for the holidays: practical and super moisturizing, I think it will quickly become a must of my summer vanity !

Like the other ranges of the brand the products are relatively accessible for the quality proposed.

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