How to naturally hydrate the body ?

How to naturally hydrate the body

How to naturally hydrate the body ? Many women (and men) wonder about the compositions of products they want to use. There is a lot of information going on about ingredients, endocrine disruptors, and so on. Today, I’m sharing some of my tips for choosing your products.

How to naturally hydrate the body ?

Our body is composed mostly of water and sometimes we can feel dry or tense. I would never repeat it enough but a sufficient consumption of water helps to regulate the hydration from the inside. However, sometimes that is not enough. Personally, my skin regularly claims for hydration. So I apply various creams or milks for the body.

In order to naturally moisturize your body, I invite you to go to brands with natural and/or biological compositions. All products that contain petrochemical derivatives, with paraffin oils or other, do not hydrate at all. They give the sensation of a “greasy” film but the oil does not assimilate through the skin. Explore natural butter-based compositions like shea butter. As for oils, all are good – the action you seek would guide your choice (sweet almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.).

In terms of formula, brands are creative : balms, milks, creams, butters, oils, jellies, etc. There is something for everyone taste. In winter, I like the cocooning sensation of butters and creams a bit thick. In summer, I appreciate the lighter and fluid formulas.

How to naturally hydrate the body

Hydraflore Body Line from Centella

I recently tested two products in the Centella Hydraflore range :

After testing the face line, I wanted to explore the brand a little more. Here is my opinion on the body line.

The Douceur Corporelle Body Milk has been designed to nourish sensitive and delicate skin. The formula consists of Sesame Oil, Jojoba, Rosehip. We also find Hyaluronic Acid, for its hydrating powers, Shea butter and Centella Asiatica extract.

In order to adapt to the most sensitive skin, these products are formulated without essential oils, alcohol or allergens, to meet the needs of sensitive skin such as pregnant women and children.

The formula of this milk is relatively light, its scent is delicate. However, I found that it could take a bit of time – especially if we apply a bit too much product. Indeed, the milk must be a worked and massaged  into the skin before really penetrating. It takes a little time to use the product. So, I use it more in the evening – because in the morning, I like when things go a faster !

About its efficacy, the Hydraflore milk really helps the skin to restore its hydrolipidic film that plays natural protective barrier. The product deeply nourishes the skin and leaves it comfortable, soothed and soft.

The Elasti’Ferme Serum has been created to firm and regenerate the skin and target stretch marks. It is suitable for pregnant women. Its action will tone sensitive or delicate skin of the body and/or face. Its formula is composed of extracts of Fenugreek, Centella Asiatica, Hops, firming and regenerating which contribute to smooth the epidermis smoothly and to restore firmness and elasticity. Their action is complemented by the original extract of Organic Lemon used here for its toning and astringent properties. Rosehip oil, restorative and regenerating, will help fight against stretch marks and scars. This serum is concentrated to more than 40% in firming and regenerating active ingredients, without essential allergenic oils, this treatment wishes to be the indispensable ally of pregnant and lactating women.

Personally, I wanted to use this care in a slimming process to help the skin to firm up. Its formula is a gel that is very easy to apply. My test has just started so I do not have enough perspective to talk about it. I’ll expand this section as soon as I get around the product !

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