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chant de camarguechant de camargue

Inspired by the French regions, Les Paysages collection de L’Artisan Parfumeur is enriched with a new creation : Le Chant de Camargue. Launched in the 2019’s summer, this new perfume invites you to discover a landscape made of contrasts that has fascinated human for many years.

Le Chant de Camargue : the fragrance

The Camargue, region at the intersection between the Rhône and the Mediterranean Sea has a strong and rustic character with multiple scents. Land with rice paddies as far as the eye can see, marshes with bronze waters and saline clouds – not to mention the wild horses, other animals and flamingos, the Camargue invites us to live an adventure. Nature is wild with this almost secret touch with legends that tell this country.

It is Alberto Morillas who has transposed this landscape into perfume. That’s what he says about it:

“I created an ode to “white gold”, Camargue rice. The floral, powdery rice notes are combined with the creamy milk accord of sandalwood and the freshness of bergamot.”

We are therefore faced with an original creation with a wild character, without compromise. The creation is a floral woody perfume for men and women. Alberto Morillas has created a kind of olfactory utopia where nature would have filled the whole space beyond human being and time. Le Chant de Camargue captures at once milk smells of rice, a fresh and iodized breath of bergamot . Alberto Morillas describes it as:

“This perfume is my olfactory tribute to the Camargue – a region of character with authentic landscapes…”

In top note, we find the freshness of Calabria bergamot. Bergamot evokes sweet spring days. For this fragrance, this note was chosen for its freshness and smoky lavender tones. In heart note, rice brings us tender and creaminess. This smell is both addictive and unique – with its slightly powdery character that brings sensuality. Finally, in base note, we have sandalwood milk. Hot, spicy, creamy, this note brings a very rich texture to the whole. The milky sweetness envelops all the notes of bergamot and rice to prolong the experience of this perfume.

Le Chant de Camargue is available at a price of £115 for 100ml.

chant de camargue

My opinion

Like the other fragrances in the range, the new creation is recognizable with its unique design. The two-tone pink and blue aquatic print transports us and has personally seduced me. It’s beautiful and elegant.

The fragrance is enveloping from the first notes. The woody touch is present but not heady. It brings character all in lightness and elegance. This fragrance opens an almost dreamlike space when you breathe it. It’s reassuring while being an invitation to travel. The contrast of the Camargue’s landscapes is perfectly captured between tart, fresh, unctuous and warm notes. There is almost this sensation of the Mistral that sweeps us with a salty aftertaste reminiscent of Nature and the raw side of this region.

The creation seduced me a lot – even if this side very enveloping would not have been my choice of fragrance for the summer. I imagine it perfectly as the finishing touch to an evening outfit – captivating and sensual, which envelops the person like the rays of the sun. It is mysterious and very tempting.

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