How to wear navy blue dress ?

how to wear navy blue dresshow to wear navy blue dress

How to wear navy blue dress ? A color that appeals to many women but may seem a little difficult to accessorize. Moreover, when I bought mine, I hesitated because I was not used to wearing a color “too” dark. I had fun shooting my look at the Tuileries Gardens and I’m sharing my new summer piece !

How to wear navy blue dress : navy blue

Navy blue is a very present color in our daily lives and in the world of textiles. It is a color that evokes order, the sense of duty and seriousness. This color dresses many uniforms for this symbolic. Fashion has also diverted several pieces of military or hierarchical cloakrooms to create strong pieces in our wardrobes : blazer, suits and tailors both female and male, military jackets, etc.

Navy blue is a wise choice when looking to add a touch of elegance to an outfit. It accompanies all opportunities and all ages of life.

Navy blue and ?

The navy blue can be combined with almost any color : white, yellow, red, pink, etc. It’s a safe bet when we’re looking to create a look.

As I said, it’s a timeless, even classic color. It is worn at any age and therefore will need to be accessorized carefully so as not to fall into a boring look or out of sync with your age.

If you combine the navy blue with gray, brown – in short all the neutral colors, the result will be a little flat and grannish. On the contrary, with bright colors, the navy blue is superb. It illuminates while sublimating the associated color. Contrasting and sparkling shades will awaken this color and the latter will give elegance to the colors that might seem a little garish. If bright colors are not part of your style, burgundy or forest green are perfect options for you.

In order for navy blue to be less boring, prints can be a track in your choice.

Navy blue and trends

In addition to being able to be worn with a plethora of colors, the navy blue suits both looks dressed, chic than more casual outfits. Navy blue dresses marinières, coats and peacoats, suit jackets and blazers, trousers, accessories, etc.

The navy blue often needs to be modernized, otherwise our look can quickly be classic. This color likes mixtures of styles and contrasts. Feel free to break a navy blue top with a leather jacket for a rock’n’roll touch, pants or dress with a pair of sneakers, etc.

how to wear navy blue dresshow to wear navy blue dress

How to wear a navy blue dress ?

A navy blue dress can quickly be a strong piece of your dressing. What pleased me with the idea of ​​adding a navy blue dress to my closet is that this color is less hard than black.

By choosing your navy blue dress, you will have the choice of the cut, plain or patterned fabric, etc. To modernize this piece, I fell in love with a model from Boden : the Anastasia Shirt Dress. The skater cut is perfect for my morphology, that is to say near the body at the bust with a marked size, then a flared skirt that is reminiscent of the pin-up style that I love so much. This dress comes with a belt. However, I do not find that it came to bring anything to the dress. So, I diverted it as a headband for the hair – which gives a very holiday, beach result !

This dress is dressed in a blue and white print that brings life to the whole. The pattern perfectly evokes the summer season with its foliage and birds. It’s trendy and current.

For shoes, I opted for ballet flats for a city look that is both chic and casual. These are gray with a scaly leather. This brings texture and avoids being on a too classic set. However, I could have totally worn a pair of sandals for a full summer look !

Jewels level, I fell in love on this model of the current collection of OGGI. This piece is the perfect accessory for this dress : silver brings light to navy blue – all the more so as its finish is hammered. The cut of the earrings is a link with the patterns of the dress that can create a coherence to the outfit. The pink quartz bead adds a touch of feminine softness. I also dressed my hands with silver rings with different textures : one in wave and zirconium, one with a mother-of-pearl and the last with its four-leaf clover and cultured pearl.

Finally, to bring a touch very modern, even a little futuristic, my Lady Gaga sunglasses do the rest. I love this very geometric model with these metallic lines!

Dress – BODEN / Ballet flats – REPETTO / Sunglasses – JIMMY FAIRLY / Rings wave – HISTOIRE D’OR / Mother of pearl ring – MOA / Rings clover – OGGI / Earrings – OGGI

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