o.Moi, the danish green skincare

I recently discovered o.Moi, the Danish brand green. During the Who’s Next Event, I fell in love with Mana Soins, which is developing a healthy skincare approach that combines softness, balance and well-being through a selection of natural cosmetics with “clean” formulas. In parallel, Mana Soins is at the origin of the “Working Day Spa”, the first ephemeral Day Spa.

Mana Soins offers a selection of brands on its e-shop to help us discover cosmetics with softer formulas than the others. Sandrine, the founder of the brand, offered me to discover the Danish brand when I explained the specificity of my skin in connection with perioral dermatitis.

o.Moi : philosophy

o.Moi is a contraction of French words “Oh Moi” and is based on the philosophy of taking the time to take care of yourself – have a little “Me Time” from the stresses of everyday life. We are therefore in a very “hygge” lifestyle.

The founder of o.Moi is Kristèle Sun, born in Mauritius and naturalized French. She fell into the world of petite beauty because her mother owns a beauty salon on the island, where she spent a fair amount of time. A graduate in Beauty Therapy as well as an aromatherapist and reflexologist, Kristèle is passionate about the power of essential oils and the healing benefits of working on the meridians.

It wanted to have its own formulations and more specifically, develop a balm that would soothe his eczema. That’s how his brand came into being. Kristèle is keen to offer products that contain totally clean and skin-friendly active ingredients.

Each product is made in Denmark using natural and organic ingredients. The brand is based on aromatherapy and therefore the use of essential oils to benefit from their holistic approach.

The motto of the brand is to :

  • stop,
  • breathe deeply,
  • empty your thoughts,
  • be “Oh Moi !”
  • to enjoy time for yourself.

Thanks to the use of essential oils and the benefits that we know them, o.Me wishes to propose a holistic approach and propose a time to “take care for yourself” which goes much further than the use of quality cosmetics. Aromatherapy can influence our mind, our emotions and allow new openings.

o.Moi : the products

The products are easily identifiable with their blue glass bottles. They have a vintage style that reminds me of apothecary bottles.

The range of products extends to face skincare and with multi-purpose products such as a cream for lips and cuticles or an all-in-one balm.

The brand offers the principle of Mix & Match, that is to say increase the assets and customize your skincare using the oils faces of the range.

The price range between 18 and 80€.

My test

Mana Soins has offered me to try the crème de Camélia which is a moisturizer dedicated to the most sensitive skin while adapting to all types of skin. Its formulation is certified non-allergenic and fragrance free.

Its formula is enriched with Camellia seed oil (white tea). This oil is known for its anti-aging properties since the dawn of time. Thanks to its high content of oleic acid and vitamin A, camellia oil is excellent for softening and restructuring the skin.

What I liked is the texture of the cream, very soft and velvety. It immediately penetrates the skin and does not leave a greasy film. The pump is used to dose the right amount of cream. I find that a pump is enough for the face and neck. I only use it in the morning because, to keep the balance of my skin with perioral dermatitis, I try to avoid to hydrate it too much.

After several weeks of testing, I find that my skin is deeply hydrated. She is soothed, comfortable and soft. Thanks to the vitamin E presents in its formula, Camellia cream protects the skin against free radicals and provides an antioxidant action. This care also helps to delay the first signs of age.

To conclude, I had a real crush on this cream and I think I will explore a little more the brand that offers high quality products with ingredients favorable natural for the most sensitive skin.

o.Moio.Moi o.Moio.Moi


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