Yummy & GuiltFree : my review

Yummy & GuiltFree is a concept around the gluten-free waffle. I had the opportunity, several times to eat there, and I wanted to tell you more about this place.

Yummy & GuiltFree : the concept

Yummy & GuiltFree is a gluten-free waffle with a luxury twist. The concept was founded by the Collon family, father and daughter. It took them several years to develop the recipe for the perfect gluten-free waffle batter that did not compromise on taste and texture.

The Collon family teamed up with the chef Damien Cassart to develop the menu of waffles, both savory and sweet. Damien Cassart has a strong experience in the hotel and gastronomic sector. Convinced of the development of gluten-free, he joined the founders of Yummy & GuiltFree to support the brand’s production and brand identity.

Yummy & Guiltfree has three stores :

  • Temple : in the heart of the Marais, next to the BHV store, a small shop that welcomes you between two shopping sessions.
  • Gare de Lyon : before boarding the train, book a yummy meal or snack for your trip.
  • Montmartre : the last opening that wants to initiate a new identity of Yummy & GuiltFree, perfect place to dine before enjoying the theater or cinemas nearby.

Yummy & GuiltFree : the menu

Yummy & GuiltFree offers sweet and savory waffles. A short menu with recipes developed in with Damien Cassart to offer tasty and a little regressive dishes ! The bonus is that in the shops, everything is homemade and prepared in front of us.

On the map, you will discover four “iconic” savory waffles :

  • the croque-monsieur,
  • the Thai chicken,
  • the salmon,
  • the fish.

And two ephemeral salted waffles that vary according to the seasons. Of these, one is always vegetarian.

The sweet “iconic” waffles are six in number :

  • nature or sugar,
  • chocolate cream,
  • lemon cream,
  • caramel,
  • cheese cake,
  • chocolate and hazelnut spread.

As for sweet ephemeral waffles, they are three in number and also vary during the year.

In addition to waffles, you can find cakes like cookies, financiers, etc. and a selection of iced teas and tasty drinks that are less sweet than regular sodas.

Yummy & GuilFree : my review

I was fortunate to be invited to the inauguration of the boulevard Montmartre boutique and I was seduced by the new visual identity of the brand. A dinner inspired look that is elegant and a bit vintage.

The advantage of this place is that you are an omnivorous, a vegetarian or a gluten free eater, there is an option for everyone. My friends like to accompany me in these places for a moment of indulgence and without frustration !

Obviously, being vegetarian, I took several times the vegetal option that I found excellent, really in the spirit of gastronomy in both taste and presentation. As for the sweet, I could taste the lemon cream – good but not lemony enough for my taste. On lemon taste, I like the acidity a bit strong. The creation of Damien Cassart is accessible to all palets. The second I tasted is chocolate hazelnut spread : and OMG !, a delight ! The good point is that all the creams and spread are homemade – exit the Nutella and other junk.

In terms of price, prices are affordable and honest for the home and this trend of chic snacking.

Personally, I enjoy returning, alone or accompanied, throughout the year!

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