Making cosmetics : DIY with Onatera

Making cosmetics is a trend more and more marked – especially with the desire to reduce waste and find more natural products.

I recently discovered the brand Ouatera that offers this alternative around skincare and beauty. I tell you more in this post !

Make your cosmetics: the Onatera brand

Onatera is the French leader in e-commerce of natural health, beauty and nutrition products. With more than 30 years of experience in naturopathy, this website offers a complete range of services and targeted advice to meet all needs.

Onatera is a family business located in the south-east of France, in Aix-en-Provence exactly. Born in 2011, from the desire to give access to the widest possible range of quality natural products, Onatera specializes in the distribution of food supplements, essential oils, plant extracts and skincare products, all exclusively from the generous treasures of nature, and organic as much as possible.

I find that the prices proposed by Onatera are rather competitive. The advice that I want to give you and proceed with large orders every quarter of year for example, to make your stock or to gather with friends or family to limit shipping fees and environmental impact of your shipment.

Make cosmetics : the choice of the product

Being curious to make cosmetics, I embarked on a first try. I chose to test the Cleansing Oil Express Pack because if there is one thing I like to test in cosmetics, it’s all related to make-up removal. It’s an extremely important step in my daily skincare routine and I pay particular attention to it.

This pack contains :

  • a bottle of organic apricot kernel vegetable oil,
  • a bottle of organic Dammas rose floral water,
  • a bottle of vitamin E.

In order to better realize its product, Onatera suggests on the page of the recipe the material that we might need, like a pump bottle to put our product and pipettes to achieve our dosage. If we order this material, a budget of 15€ will be necessary.

Make cosmetics : the steps

With Onatera recipe cards, making your cosmetics is a breeze. To make your cleansing oil, simply :

  1. Pour 25 ml of vegetable oil of apricot kernel, using a funnel directly into a pump bottle,
  2. Then, the 25 ml of rose floral water and
  3. Finish with 2.5 ml of vitamin E.
  4. Shake well and keep away from light.

Precaution before use : Before testing the product on the skin, it is recommended to do a test in the fold of the elbow to avoid any risk of allergy (although sometimes, reactions on the skin of the face may differ a little those of the body). If no abnormal reaction has occurred within 24 hours after this test, the cosmetic product can be used.

Make cosmetics : use and reviews

Before using the cleansing oil, shake the bottle well and spray the emulsion on a cotton pad or in the palm of your hand if, like me, you prefer to massage with your hands. Personally, I add a little hot water to help “melt” the makeup without rubbing too much. I help myself with a washable cotton square that has been wet before to remove most of the makeup.

Rinse the skin thoroughly before moving on to the rest of your routine. I use a foaming cleanser that allows me to finish skin cleansing before toning and moisturizing my face.

Cleansing oil is a perfect option if you want to effectively cleanse your skin without harming it. For the most sensitive skin, I would recommend vegetable oil Camellia is very soft – especially non-comedogenic (avoids blackheads).

Vitamin E present in the formula can offer an antioxidant action to the epidermis. The rose floral water offers softness and comfort when removing make-up.

And you, have you tried to make your cosmetics ?

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