Pour Over Coffee by Melitta : a healthier coffee

Pour Over Coffee is part of the trend of “slow life“, that is to say a need to slow down its daily rhythm, to take time for oneself and to return to more authenticity. I discovered their new porcelain accessories that I will present to you today !

Pour Over Coffee by Melitta : the range

The Pour Over range by Melitta wishes to offer everyone the opportunity to make a filter coffee in the rules of art.

In 1908, Melitta invented manual filtration. Since then, this brand is a reference for coffee lovers.

The brand offers a range of accessories including a kettle, high-quality filter holders, high-quality glasses, etc. Two novelties have recently arrived : the filter holders and the porcelain carafe.

The filter holders and the porcelain carafe are available in two colors : white and red – the Melitta red is easily identifiable !

They promise a perfect extraction of coffee thanks to the specificity of their design. Indeed, their inner face is traversed grooves for a uniform filtration of coffee via the paper filter. The base of the filter holders has a double perforation which allows to prepare two cups at a time.

The Pour Over Pourer is like a teapot in which it is possible to make its coffee. With a vintage and sleek design, it completes its routine.

Why porcelain ? The porcelain keeps the coffee warm longer – like a traditional teapot.

In terms of prices, the filter holders cost between €14.99 and €16.99 depending the chosen size and the carafe is €19,99.

Pour Over Coffeee by Melitta : my test

The use of this duo Pour Over is very simple and fast. I tested it for moments between friends and the coffees can be prepared quickly thanks to the double perforation of the filter holder.

I put my filter in the filter holder and I took the reflex to bend “the seams” of the filter so that it is positioned at best. For the equivalent of a mug, I use a spoon of coffee (about 7 grams had told me the barista). Then, with my goblet kettle, I wet the coffee a little bit in order to degas it. Then, little by little, I add water – the coffee must be gradually covered or you will drown it. When the water is poured, the barista advised us to make circular movements so that the whole dose of coffee is exploited and that the aromas are released in their entirety. Once the coffee is completely filtered, you can stir your cup or container slightly so that the filtered coffee at the beginning mixes with the filtered coffee at the end for a homogeneous taste.

The carafe is useful when we want to prepare a larger quantity of coffee and to do a service like our parents or our grandparents could do. I use the carafe also to serve tea, having no teapot. Everyday, I prepare my tea by the cup but with the carafe, I can offer a more elegant table service.

Pour Over Coffee by Melitta : my opinion

For those who follow me for a few years, you know that I am a tea aficionada. Coffee is a hot drink that I consume with great moderation because my body does not support it in large quantities. Nevertheless, I love the smell of fresh coffee, passing roasters, etc.

As I do not consume a lot of coffee, manual filtration is more suited to my needs. It allows me to prepare punctually, for guests or myself, a coffee. I like the objects in themselves that Melitta has released, their simple and ergonomic design. What I like so much is the idea of ​​returning to a more authentic and organic relationship to the product. As with tea, we create a moment around a ritual in which we prepare something that we like.

I associate the preparation of my coffee with the Melitta kettle which is really handy to have the right gesture during filtration. What I like about the brand is that during each presentation, we have professional baristas who share all their advice in order to prepare the best coffee: dosage of the milling, advantage of coffee beans versus coffee already ground , gestures, etc.

Why I prefer the filter coffee ?

A few years ago, I tried a coffee machine for my guests but when it broke down, I did not renew the experience. I headed for a more traditional method with a small Italian coffee maker that still follows me – even today. I prefer manual methods because the coffee capsules is an aberration. In addition to having a much higher cost than coffee beans or already ground, the pods are difficult to recycle and produce an impressive amount of waste between the pack between the alley (plastic or cardboard) and the capsule (aluminum, plastic, fabric). The other point is, when the beverage is prepared by the machine, that thirty chemical contaminants are likely to migrate from the pod in liquid coffee – including aluminum found in coffee. Even though scientific studies have been conducted and shows that with four daily cups, the subject does not exceed the tolerable weekly limit…I think we can avoid this kind of pollution of our body. Just to avoid filtering itself, we agree to contaminate our body. This mode of consumption does not correspond me at all.

The filter coffee is a method much more tasteful, economic and respectful of the environment that the machines with capsule. Moreover, my next step to continue my reduction of my kitchen waste is to finish with paper filters and switch to washable coffee filters (usually made of organic linen).

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