Organic cleansing oil : discover Ruhaku

Organic cleansing oil is an increasingly popular topic and many brands are creating products with a cocktail of natural ingredients. I recently discovered the Japanese brand Ruhaku whose universe spoke to me. I’m sharing it here !

Organic cleansing oil : Ruhaku

Ruhaku is a Japanese brand from the Okinawa Island, known for being the island of longevity. This brand was born in 2012 and is organic and certified Ecocert.

The Okinawa Island is known for its treasures of nature and is full of energy plants. The exceptional properties of its unique plants found only there, contribute in large part to the long life expectancy of its inhabitants and their health. Ruhaku uses these amazingly high antioxidant botanicals to help women maintain beautiful, soft, youthful skin.

Ruhaku’s flagship ingredient is Gettou. It is a zingiberaceous herb that grows in Okinawa in a hostile environment. Highly exposed to the light and the breeze of the sea, the Gettou produces a powerful antioxidant. The water and oil that are extracted from its leaves have a real rejuvenating power. A study by Ryukyu University showed that Gettou essential oil contains a content eliminating “reactive oxygen” responsible for the oxidation of cutaneous tissues. Its leaves contain 3 to more polyphenols than red wine.

Ruhaku has declined a range containing four products :

The products are available in France at Mademoiselle Bio and Le Bon Marché.

Organic cleansing oil : Ruhaku’s oil

Ruhaku’s cleansing oil comes in a glass bottle equipped with a pipette (100ml). The design is simple and sleek.

Cleansing oil promises to remove makeup and impurities, as well as excess oil without damaging the natural barrier of your skin. In addition, this oil restores the layer of dead cells caused by exposure to UV rays and causes skin aging. This product is suitable for all skin types.

This organic make-up removal oil is formulated with natural sources of AHA from 5 botanical extracts (olive oil, jojoba oil, gettou oil, rosemary oil and oil soy) and a cocktail of energetic fruits (blueberry, orange and lemon), this cleansing oil will leave your skin radiant and silky.

Ruhaku cleansing oil contains no parabens, silicone, preservatives, petrochemicals, artificial colors and fragrances artificial. Ruhaku doesn’t test its products on animals.

Using advices :

In order to make the best use of Ruhaku’s oil, take half a pipette in the palm of your hand (it is important to have dry hands), heat it in your hands and apply it on dry face. Massage the product all over the face, emphasizing the eyes to melt mascaras and other liners.

Humidify your face with a little hot water to emulsify the oil removal. Then rinse abundantly.

The Gettou, the ally of women :

In addition to being for women a precious friend to keep a beautiful skin, the Gettou soothes the minds of women with hormonal disorders thanks to a flavor it contains .

My test of Ruhaku’s oil

I had a crush on the packaging of the product which is in a minimalist spirit while being elegant. We feel the Japanese touch and the importance of beauty rituals in their culture.

The texture of the oil is very pleasant : light and soft, there is not this sticky feeling as sometimes we can experience. Once applied on the skin, the product melts on the skin and with a little warm water, it becomes a fluid milk. I advise you to combine the use of makeup remover oil with a washable cotton pad to remove the makeup. I always combine a foaming cleanser because I am a fan of double cleanse.

Once the skin is rinsed, the skin is almost free of all makeup and impurities. I did the test with some tough waterproof mascaras and I combined a two-phase makeup remover for the eyes. Regarding the complexion, this oil was the most effective I tested. I did not need to use lotion to complete the cleansing. I did the test but the skin was perfectly clean.

What I also like in this oil is its fragrance that has a very aromatic touch with rosemary and Gettou (the smell reminds me of that of the essential oil of tea tree). This gives a very detox and purifying sensation to the make-up ritual.

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