Vitamin C cure with Ellaro

Having a vitamin C cure is a classic in term of health and prevention of the small inconveniences of the cold period. We consume it in our diet and/or in the form of capsules, ampoules during cures…But what about for the skin ?

Vitamin C cure : the benefits?

With evolution, the human body has lost its ability to synthesize it. We must therefore draw it every day from food. In the body, it is especially present in the lens of the eye, the white blood cells, the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands and the brain.

Vitamin C participates in hundreds of processes in the body. One of these main functions is to help the body make collagen, a protein essential for the formation of connective tissue of skin, ligaments and bones. It also contributes to the maintenance of immune function, it activates the healing of wounds, participates in the formation of red blood cells and increases the absorption of iron contained in plants.

One of the other important roles of vitamin C is its antioxidant effect which protects the cells against damage caused by free radicals.

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It is therefore essential that our diet be adapted so that our body can have its necessary vitamin C intake. It is the fruits and raw colorful vegetables that contain the most vitamin C : red pepper, orange, lemon, grapefruit, cantaloupe raspberry, strawberry, broccoli, tomato, etc. By searching the Web, you can find the list of the most concentrated foods in Vitamin C. When the PNNS talks about at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s not for nothing ! This quantity makes it possible to fill the recommended nutritional contributions in vitamin C.

Applied directly to the skin, vitamin C is thirty times more available than orally. Eating it is good, but sometimes our skin is the poor parent of vitamin C…In contact with the skin, Vitamin C will act as a shield and will protect the integrity of the skin. DNA from our cells and fight against free radicals in synergy with vitamin E. Vitamin E is antioxidant, that is to say a natural anti-aging. The two handsets can therefore fight effectively against skin aging.

Vitamin C is therefore an ally to reduce our wrinkles by fighting against the inflammation of our cells, by working our elastin and collagen fibers and by increasing the density of our dermal papillae. Bonus : it brightens the complexion by regulating the excess of melanin in our skin (dark brown pigment of our skin) and therefore the intensity of our tasks at the same time. Vitamin C therefore boosts the radiance of the skin while improving blood circulation. In fact, a better nourished and better oxygenated epidermis will be more effective in its repair and regeneration process.

Vitamin C cure with Ellaro : which products?

For almost a month, my skincare routine has changed. I introduced the serum and cream duo from the Revitalizing with Vitamin C range from Ellaro. Using both products of the same range allows to bring a total synergy of the care and to obtain a better efficiency.

The Ellaro Serum Revitalizing formula is enriched with :

  • two stable and water-soluble forms of Vitamin C : anti-oxidant, skin lightening,
  • retinol : stabilized Vitamin A, anti-aging, revitalizing and
  • zinc PCA : Collagen production booster, Skin revitalizing agent.

This product offers antioxidant protection and will boost the skin.

The Ellaro Revitalizing Cream combines :

  • vitamin C : antioxidant, lightening,
  • shea butter : nourishing and skin softening agent,
  • lecithin : natural moisturizing Factor (NMF), repairing ingredient, emollient and
  • retinol : stabilized Vitamin A, anti-aging, revitalizing.

I use this product duo in the morning after cleansing my skin with some Centella lotion Reine de Hongrie sprays. I apply one pump of serum and a small dab of cream on the face, neck and décolleté.

Vitamin C cure with Ellaro : my opinion

The sensoriality of the products is very pleasant : a delicate fragrance emerges from the products. It’s an apricot scent that boosts my mood when I wake up – which is a real treat in my daily routine. The textures are fluid and penetrate quickly – even for the cream that contains shea butter. It is a little more “unctuous” but without a greasy effect on the skin. It is possible to go to the makeup stage very quickly.

Obviously, as usual, when I’m testing a new product, I always wonder how my skin will react and especially if I’m going to make a reaction related to perioral dermatitis. My skin has accepted the formula, no inflammatory reaction is noted.

In terms of efficiency, I noticed quick results. Generally, between November to February, my skin looks a bit greyish. The complexion is a little dull and lacks of light. In addition, even if I pay attention to my hydration rate, the cold can be a bit biting and gives the impression of drying out.

After about a week, I found that my skin was bright. Small fine lines – especially expression and pores were less noticeable. And, obviously, having a vitamin C boost, the skin shows much less signs of fatigue (tired features, dull complexion, etc.).

After about a month, all previous results are still relevant. In addition, I feel that my skin is more toned, luscious, soft and overall homogeneous. Since my visit to the Dermacenter where we had found the melanin very present in the spectrum (related to the inflammation of which I suffer), our goal was to appease it. Ellaro treatments are really effective in achieving this.

Even if the temperatures have dropped in recent days in Paris, my skin remains comfortable with this serum + cream duo. I did not need to change skincare or apply more in quantity.

I must confess that I am blown away by the results of vitamin C in my skincare routine. I did not expect so much and it makes you want to continue using these products. Obviously, nothing prevents us from using vitamin C skincare all year long because the performance becomes real in the long term. However, I think that our skin changes according to the periods of life and seasons and it is always good to reevaluate its cosmetics over time.

The other important point of this routine is what remains affordable. The serum is sold at 32.40€ and the cream is priced at 28.40€.

Cure vitamin C : choosing your cosmetics

When it comes to making a vitamin C cure, it’s important to take a look at the formula. Indeed, vitamin C, is very unstable. It can not stand water, UV or heat. However, some brands have managed to stabilize it in their formula thanks to a PH acid (PH 3 in general while that of our skin is about 4.7).

The disadvantage with a PH 3 is that vitamin C becomes an AHA (or fruit acid) that can be irritating. How to be sure ? Just ask your pharmacist or consider how to use it. If it says “daily use”, you can go there. If the product is sold as a “cure”, it is good to pay attention. This may not be suitable for all types of skin, especially the most sensitive or reactive.

Having become a little expert in skin reactions, the advice I can give you is to see if it is possible to obtain some samples of the treatment in question and to test it. If you experience a tingling, discomfort or redness, it is best to stop using the product.

Another tip : store products away from the sun, light and heat (better for cosmetics in general).

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