DIY wine rack shelf

DIY wine rack shelf are very trendy for a few years now. Personally, it’s been a while since I buy second hand the majority of my furniture, which I customize, etc. In the last few months, I’ve been working on wine cases to create a shelf. Although nowadays it is possible to buy them, I like the idea to find them in the bulky, in the cellars of your friends, neighbors, family, etc.

DIY wine rack shelf

Building a wine rack shelf is rather simple. Collect several wine cases, either the same size or different – you decide. Personally, I collected some for a while to create a piece of furniture.

You can leave the cases as they are – raw. I wanted to add a touch of vintage/industrial to the furniture, so I went on a patina. I am happy with the final result because it brings a style a little different to the kitchen all in white. I wanted to slip into my shelf, some decorative elements – like plants, pretty tea boxes, etc.

If you use raw wooden crates, you can glue them with a special glue (neoprene gel type). If like me, you use a wax or patina, the glue will not adhere (I tried but the wood becomes a little greasy !).

Having a kitchen in a row, it was not easy to make the pictures. I had to climb on the counter to get enough perspective ! I hope, however, that these visuals will allow you to imagine your ideal wine rack shelf.

DIY wine rack shelf : the steps


4 wine cases

Sandpaper or steel wool for wood

Antique Black Bison Wax (Dark Oak for me)

15 nails (5 per box)

Felt pads for chair

A hammer

Old rags

At first, clean the cases. Remove the remaining nails if necessary. Then I put them all in the water and Marseille soap. Once rinsed, let them air dry.

Sand each box, I sanded with a rather fine sandpaper (p240).

Using an old rag, remove the antique wax, clearing the corners well. Once the furniture is covered with patina, let it absorb the material. Do the same with the other cases.

Then, to remove excess wax, use a clean cloth and wipe the cases hard.

I let the crates dry 24 hours before assembling them.

To mount the shelf, I made several attempts to create the layout that suited me. Internet, Pinterest is full of ideas to help you. I centered the two lowest, then, the third, I wished it was a little off, the last one centered.

Once you like the structure, nail the boxes to the previous one. I used 5 nails per case : 3 in the bottom and two in front.

On the back of the cabinet, to avoid that the boxes touch the wall directly. I put some in four felt pads on each corners of cases.

As my furniture is used to store books, it is rather stable. However, if you want to fix it to the wall, you just need to add a square on the wall.

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