Lamazuna deodorant : review

The Lamazuna deodorant is a well known product in the green cosmetic department. In my desire to reduce my waste, I wanted to test my first solid deodorant. I share my experience here.

Searching for a deodorant for sensitive skin

Deodorants and I are not the best of friends because since my teen years, I found an important fragility of my skin and I have always struggled to find a product that suited me. It’s been a long time since I no longer buys these products in supermarkets. Indeed, in addition to being prone to irritation, I could have skin that thickened or blackened slightly – anything but what we hope for a care product !

I did tests some in perfumery, then drugstore. In recent years, I use the Aloe deodorant from The Body Shop – product that makes no reaction on my skin. More recently, I tried both alum stone and other organic deodorants. I think you will make a global article in the coming weeks to share my experience with all these products.

Lamazun deodorant : product and use

For some time now, I’m gradually trying to change my routines in the bathroom to reduce my waste. I usually recycle my waste but I didn’t explore the world of solid cosmetics beyond the Lush shampoo or soaps for shower.

I had a first shopping session at Mademoiselle Bio and I wanted to try a solid deodorant.

I thought that this could be an alternative:

  • more ecological,
  • more economical,
  • more natural.

Having enjoyed the solid toothpaste, I again turned to the brand Lamazuna (Cruelty Free, PetaVegan and Slow Cosmetics labels).

The Lamazuna deodorant is a 100% natural, vegan and manufactured in France solid deodorant. It comes in the form of a small almost conical cylinder. The product does not have a particular scent.

For using it, simply place the product under warm water (I found that it worked better than cold water) in order to slightly melt the product. You slither the deodorant on the armpit and the product will leave a thin layer of cream.

The utilisation of Lamazuna deodorant is relatively easy and don’t be afraid to wet the cone. Don’t worry, it will not melt like snow in the sun.

The deodorant has for ingredient palmarosa essential oil which role is to “nibble” bacteria that are the cause of sweat odors. Thus, sweat is not prevented, it’s made completely odorless. This mechanism further respects the balance of the body. So, yes, we sweat, no, zero body odor.

Lamazuna deodorant : review

The use is a new and not unpleasant routine. However, despite the rather positive arguments of this product, its not for me. Indeed, after a few days, I found that my armpits were irritated. That is to say I had small red patches that have emerged, as well as places where the skin is thickened.

I tried to understand why this reaction. Palmarosa oil, such as sodium bicarbonate, make the product most effective but can create irritating reactions to the most sensitive or allergic people. I don’t know if my skin reacted to the essential oil or the bicarbonate but my skin didn’t accept this product for sure. Moreover, the essential oil of Palmarosa is strongly not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding of children under 3 years.

In summary, this is not for me. If you want to test solid deodorants, so be vigilant on the ingredients of them. Meanwhile, I will continue my research and if I find the gem, I will speak here !

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