Nailmatic Lab : the concept to create a custom made nail polish

The Nailmatic Lab is a new concept proposed by the Nailmatic brand. I discovered this new beauty proposal during a workshop at Birchbox studio. I explain everything in the article.

Nailmatic Lab : the concept

The Nailmatic Lab is a reliable solution for creating custom nail polishes. You can discover it either at the parisian Birchbox studio (as a workshop) or with the Nailmatic kit.

The idea of ​​the brand is to develop pigments in liquid form from their Pure Color biosourced formula. This formula respects our beauty and the environment because it is formulated with raw materials of natural origin and renewable : cotton, corn, potato, wheat and cassava. Pure color varnish is enriched with vegetable keratin and borage oil.

In the kits offered for sale, we find flasks of pigments and/or mother-of-pearl and pipettes to facilitate the dosage of our creations. The kit also contains bottles with the transparent base of polish. To finish the customization of varnishes, labels to name our creations are proposed.

The kits are five in number with each of the different shades according to the tastes and preferences of each :

  • Kit Lab 1 : includes pink, red, yellow and a mother of pearl.
  • Kit Lab 2 : includes the shades of white, purple, red and yellow.
  • Kit Lab 3 : includes red, white, blue 2 and mother of pearl shades.
  • Kit Lab 4 : includes red, yellow, black and gold hues.
  • Lab Color Master : includes red 2, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, blue 2, purple, pink, white, black, two mother-of-pearl, gold and silver hues.

The boxes are priced at €49 and €149 for the Lab Color Master. If like me, you are a Birchbox subscriber, you can benefit from the subscriber price of 41,65 €.

Nailmatic Lab : my opinion

I loved playing little chemists and making my own nail polish at the Nailmatic Lab workshop. The first one we created together is a pink nude. For the second, it was carte blanche ! So I left on a glittery dark purple that is very galactic.

Customizing your polish can create a shade that is unique, or even does not exist in the ranges offered on the market. It is very fun and it allows to spend a pleasant time in the company of friends – since even with the boxes on sale, we can recreate a workshop at home !

The bonus is that the products of the brand are formulated with a majority of natural ingredients – which allows to have a more respectful varnish of us and our environment.

Nailmatic Lab kits can also be great gift ideas for the biggest manicure fans !

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