Thierry Marx bakery

This week, I had the pleasure of finding Patricia from the blog Mouche Cousue, for a treat moment at the Thierry Marx bakery.

Thierry Marx bakery : the idea

For Thierry Marx, bread is “the first ingredient of French cuisine“. When we talk about France, one of the first images that pops in our minds is the wand and everything that comes out of it. With his bakery, Thierry Marx wants to combine tradition, craftsmanship and modernity.

When we pass the door, we enter a sober and elegant place where mixes white, black and brown. The silhouette of Thierry Marx drawn in profile is not without reminding me a touch very Karl Lagerfeld.

The bakery consists of both a counter where we can order but also a self-service in which drinks, salads and other juices are offered for sale. Thierry Marx describes his concept as the “fast casual” but less  that responds to our lifestyle and consumption more and more nomadic. Better than a fast-food than a restaurant, the Thierry Marx bakery offers recipes combining healthy, balanced cooking and quality ingredients.

Thierry Marx bakery : the place

My eyes were captivated by ultra-gourmet pastries : croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, etc. as well as deserts that make you want to give in to temptation.

The Thierry Marx bakery is also the story of a meeting between the chef and the baker, Joël Defives (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). For Joël Defives, “the bakery is time, passion, and natural products…” He knew how to take the best of a know-how passed down for generations and adapt it to the expectations and today’s tastes…breads more digestible, soft and with “natural” preservation.

Bread made with organic flour, chestnut or rice flour will be in the spotlight. Element very positive because for people trying to reduce their consumption of gluten, it allows to treat yourself !

The menu is short, homemade and new bread is to be discovered each week. The sandwiches are appetizing and the chef has created original recipes like BreadMakis. It is sandwich in the form of makis, prepared by the minute in front of the customer. These creations are a concentrate of flavors imagined by the globe-trotting chef who puts his travels and his experience at the service of a French know-how.

Thierry Marx bakery : my opinion

I really enjoyed the discovery I made. I found the service fast (during holidays, it’s less the rush) and I was surprised at the reasonable price for homemade products of good quality. For a tea and a brioche feuilletée, the bill was € 7.50.

I gave in to the temptation of the puff pastry. There are two variants : one with pink pralines and one with hazelnuts and Valrhona praline. I tasted the hazelnut and I was really delighted. The caramelized hazelnuts crunching under the tooth, the taste of praline in the brioche, I was thrilled ! I think this brioche would have been orgasmic after a little baking – just crisp and warm.

The brioche is melting and the puffing crackles under the tooth. Now, I want to discover the other brioche feuilletée of the big names of French pastry… #sorrynotsorry

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