Tape à l’Œil : the new Louboutin eyeshadow range

Louboutin Tape à l’Œil, a collection that wants to attract all eyes ! Let’s explore this new range of eyeshadows signed Christian Louboutin.

To introduce you to these products, I was inspired by a more mysterious and mystical atmosphere. This range of product transports me in time and make me dive into a very retro universe in which I see myself playing the magicians.

Tape à l’Œil Louboutin : the collection

The eyes are the windows of the soul and it’s this specificity that has led Christian Louboutin to create a new range of eyeshadows. Indeed, Louboutin wants to offer women the opportunity to play with their eyes, their expressions, etc. with a playful makeup and well chosen colors. For the designer, “eyeshadow is an ornament for the eyes, real jewels for the eyes“. A woman can thus darken, illuminate, perfect or simply adorn her eyelids to envy with these shades : she becomes the author of her own story.

Inspired and baptized like these women who turn the heads of almost everybody, this new range of intense pigments makes itself noticeable by its shades as by its textures. The Tape à l’Œil collection comes in two textures : matte nudes and metallics. In each of its finishes, six colors are available. We find twelve shades with which to play.

About the packaging, as for its other products, Louboutin offers objects halfway between decorative and artistic items. The Tape à l’Œil are presented in a transparent jar decorated with an engraved seashell reminiscent of Byzantine antiquity and Art Deco, two styles to which Christian is attached and he often inspires in his collections. This new art object is surmounted by a tapered hood borrowed from the iconic design of the nail polish of the House. In the manner of a brush (I personally compare them to magic wands !), The cap is in the palm of the hand and ensures a precise and comfortable application. Its innovative brush with short and dense silk bristles makes it possible to take the optimal dose of make-up so as to apply it in a precise way and to blend the product in the most artistic way.

About their formula, Louboutin promises a fluid application thanks to their oil-based composition. The matte nudes have spherical powders with a semi-powdered matte finish. Its formula rich in pigments offers a modulable coverage more or less intense in a single application. The metallics are a unique combination of water and metallic pigments, creating a mirror-like shine. The light and fluid texture is easily applied and allows all overlays.

Tape in the eye are sold 50€ each.

Tape à l’Œil Louboutin : matte nudes

Like its shoe collections, Louboutin colors the world with an infinite shades of nude and skin colors. It is from this idea that the Tape à l’Œil collection offers six shades ranging from light pinky shde, chocolate to a deep taupe colo that suits all skin tones.

The matte nude shades to discover bear the names of women who inspire Christian Louboutin:

  • Lea is a cream nude,
  • Lola is a pale pink nude,
  • Mariza is a plum brown nude,
  • Zefira is a deep taupe nude,
  • Daria is a nude camel,
  • Loubna is a nude cognac.

Louboutin Tape à l’Œil : Metallics

Metallic eyeshadows play with light for an intense shimerry finish. The shades of the collection are inspired by the names of semi-precious stones that Christian Louboutin loves to collect and that he likes to highlight in his shops and properties around the world.

The six shades are as follows :

  • Morganite is a pink gold,
  • Pyrite is a brown bronze,
  • Carnelian is a rich burgundy,
  • Andalusite is a sparkling green of water,
  • Iolite is an iridescent blue,
  • Black Saphire is a golden black.

Tape à l’Œil Louboutin : application tips

Tape à l’Œil eyeshadows are very versatile. They can be worn alone or combined with a powder eyeshadow. Eyeshadows can also be used on the entire eyelid as a traditional eyeshadow or to emphasize the shape of the eyes graphically as a train of eyeliner on the upper eyelid but also lower eyelid if we feel like it !

Metallic eyeshadows can also be combined with a matte nudes on top for a glossy effect.

Tape à l’Œil Louboutin : my opinion

When I first discovered Tape à l’Œil, I was immediately captivated by Art Deco-inspired bottles – a style I love. It’s elegant and sophisticated. However, because of their format, they are not travel friendly products. It’s difficult to carry them in a small vanity.

In term of the textures, it’s fluid and the product slides on the eyelid. The application is easy and even with the brush with the square end. This left me skeptical…Finally, after removing the excess of product on the brush, the formula is applyed in a thin layer on the eyelid. Tape à l’Œil have incredible opacity from the first layer. The pigmentation is really crazy, even for the nude colors.

I tested them as a makeup base combined with powder eyeshadows. The color scheme we can get is really interesting. I have also worn nudes alone and they compliment the complexion and look while offering a discreet and natural look. They blend easily with the help of a dedicated brush for this purpose. Metallics makes it possible to create graphical and smokeys looks very easily : no need to be a brush pro to create these rock and sensual makeup. I like the brightness that comes out of this collection – the darker colors do not turn off our look.

The lasting is flawless all day long. The formula is comfortable : it remains flexible on the eyelid, without smudjing or cracking. About makeup removal, Tape à l’Œil eyeshadows mostly removed well – even if a two-phase makeup remover is not necessary, it is with my pet Corine de Farme that I manage to remove any makeup residue (also because I apply very resistant mascaras and eyeliners).

The only point to discuss is the price of these products : 50€ is not accessible to all the purses. Louboutin remains a luxury brand whose goal is to make us dream : successful bet ! Tape à l’Œil may be in the category of birthday or Christmas whishlists…What’s more beautiful than to discover a black box, elegant and secret in which there is a jewel that allows us to transform ourselves as a mysterious diva but also to be exposed in our interior decoration.

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