NYX Lip Laquer : mattes vs metals team ?

NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lacquer is one of the trendiest products of the last years. I decided to explore the matte and metallic range that are perfect to play with your look this fall !

If you do not know the brand NYX Professional Makeup, it is a drugstore brand, that is to say ultra affordable in terms of price. This brand wants to offer products of professional quality to the greatest number and especially to show that makeup is a source of inexhaustible fun : colors, shades, NYX is always innovative and creative force.

NYX Professional Makeup lip lacquer : the range

NYX Professional Makeup lip lacquers are liquid lipsticks, an ultra-creamy formula that dresses lips in a single gesture with hues rich in pigments.

Lacquers are available in few finishes : mattes or metallic. The hues also vary from the lighter or darker ones. You can shop these lip lacquers in classic format (4ml) or in mini size (1.6ml) in some sets.

As for packaging, the lip lacquer is in the form of a conventional plastic tube. The colors are easy to identify because each tube takes the color it contains for large formats (more or less precise we say). Regarding the mini format, the tube is transparent for metallic ranges and allows you to discover the color more accurately. When we unscrew the cap, we discover a rather long foam tip, a little flexible that allows all to apply the material rather easily and accurately.

Today, I’m going to discover six matt shades and six metallic shades in the NYX Professional Makeup Mattes vs. Metallic Vault.

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede : matte shades

Doll up your lips in plush and vibrant color! Our Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on and sets into a striking matte finish. Now available in 12 more velvety-soft shades, this waterproof lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe. Based on avocado oil and vitamin E.

Liquid Suede Cream comes in 12 shades. Depending on these, the formula is sometimes more or less thick. The formula does not dry too quickly, which makes it easy to build the color. Once dry, these lacquers remain soft and comfortable on the lips. The color is intense and very opaque. From left to right, we discover :

03 Cherry Skies / 11 Kitten Heels / 04 Soft Spoken / 07 Sandstorm / 12 Vintage / 09 Tea & Cookies 

NYX Professional Makeup Cosmic Metals : metallic shades

Intense, multidimensional color collides with the glistening effect of gloss for out-of-this world lips like you’ve never seen before. Now available in six more nude-based shades—from champagne gold and pink to a gorgeous deep brown laced with blue shimmer—our creamy-smooth Cosmic Metals Lip Cream covers your lips in lustrous color and a dazzling metallic finish that feels and looks like a gloss.

Liquid Cosmic Metals are available in 12 shades. Among the colors of the range, NYX Professional Makeup has released new shades easier to wear everyday with browns, copper, or gold rose. The finish is more glossy than Liquid Suede. They have an almost plumping effect, that is to say that the metallic and luminous reflections will give an impression of more plump lips.

About the application, I find it is more suitable to work in thin layers enough to avoid any product transfer on the teeth. Depending on the colors, several passages will be necessary to capture the full intensity of Cosmic Metals. The product stays very comfortable on the lips and does not dry up. From left to right you will find:

Speed ​​of Light / Galactic Love / Crystalized MetalMetropilatan Night / Elite / Lava

NYX Professional Makeup lip laquer : team matte or metallic?

About the shades : You should have noticed in the photos, some shades are much more metallic and bright than others. I think some references play more with some iridescent than metallic reflections. Personally, I find it rather positive because the darker shades are a little more wearable! For the matte range, there are also some unevenness of opacity depending on the colors. Some will require few layers in order to have a totally homogeneous finish.

About the texture : the lacquers with leves require to take care of our lips. The dehydrated lips or with small dead skin will not allow a nice finish. So remember to moisturize your lips first and even to make a quick scrubs (honey and sugar, a must have ultra convenient and easy to make at home). If I compare the two ranges, again, there may be differences finish on the shades. Some are quite thin and easy to apply. They will dry quickly to give way to a matte finish, almost perfectly without transfer. There are then some rather intermediate hues : thicker, they can be more difficult to apply.

As for the lasting : NYX Professional Makeup lip lacquers remain pretty well in place, and this for several hours. Once we eat or drink, a touch up is needed – especially in the center of the lips that tends to see the matte formulas disintegrate.

In conclusion : I very much like this idea of ​​vault with a mix of shades and finishes matte/metallic. This really allows to have fun with our makeup and especially to test new colors more easily.

The Cosmic Metals have this retro vibe and especially very daring that I like very much. I did not think to try this type of formula and yet, I loved some shades like Speed ​​of Light, Crystalized Metal and Lava. I will definitely wear them in the up coming weeks. The mattes are a little more part of my daily vanity makeup. The hues Cherry Skies and Kitten Heels really capture my heart for their very vibrant color.

Bonus ? The mini size is ideal to slip into the purse !

And you, for which team are you : team mattes or metals team?

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