Glowy look with L’Oréal Paris

A glowy look with L’Oréal Paris to keep you looking good through the cold season! I discovered several new products from L’Oréal and here is a tutorial makeup and my review on these products.

Wake Up and Glow collection : the makeup to look good all year long

The Wake Up and Glow collection offers products that give us a little bit of help every day to have a more tanned look and play with light – even more during the winter months.

To create my look, I used the Bonjour Sunshine base which is a tanned skin embellisher. Its goal ? Wake up the complexion by giving it a natural golden veil. Its formula contains coconut oil that will bring comfort and hydration to the skin. The product comes in an universal shade and will adapt to the color of the skin for a transparent finish. It contains an SPF 20.

On top, I applied Bonjour Nudista is a BB Cream that combines makeup and skincare. The BB Cream will bring both moisturizing and help to unify the complexion. There are five shades to match the greatest number of complexions. L’Oréal wants to bring more naturalness to its products and Bonjour Nudista is composed of 92% of ingredients of natural origin. Its formula is enriched with moisturizing apricot oil, green tea extract and anti-oxidant vitamin E.

To further structure my face and bring a touch of color, I dropped a bit of Life’s Peach Blush. This product smells deliciously peach and will add an elegant iridescent veil to accentuate the good-looking effect we all seek. Its texture is creamy with a slightly powdery finish. Its composition is 77% natural ingredients and infused with peach extracts.

To bring even more light, I finished my complexion by adding a few drops of Glow Mon Amour. This is a liquid highlighter that will brighten and instantly give radiance to the complexion. The formula is infused with coconut oil that will provide moisture and allow the product to have a light texture while sliding perfectly on the skin.

Wake Up and Glow Collection : my opinion

After testing these four products from the Wake Up and Glow collection, here’s what I can tell you :

For Bonjour Sunshine and Bonjour Nudista, tube packaging is convenient and easy to use and/or travel friendly. I used to apply Bonjour Sunshine base and I found that if the application is not fast enough or if we take too much product, the formula can leave darker “patches” on the skin. The simplest way would be to add a drop of Bonjour Sunshine to your foundation to bring a sun kissed effect more uniform without difficulty. For a quick application, I used my favorite brush (I’ll tell you soon in a post) that allowed me to work at best this product. I found that the shade fit pretty well with my skin tone. However, I think it may be a little too orange for others. I loved the formula that leaves the skin matified. The product is comfortable throughout the day.

As for Bonjour Nudista, the texture is ultra-melting, which allows a quick and easy application – even with the finger. This is the kind of perfect makeup when we are on-the-go. I found the complexion unified and bright. The coverage is (ultra) light – which is not always enough to correct some imperfections (pimples, scars) and signs of fatigue (dark circles). Moreover, in terms of lasting, I found that the product migrated after 4 or 5 hours at the cheeks. This is not very obvious but I think that for dry skin (in my case) or mixed to oily (to check), the product can move faster than for others.

The Life’s a Peach Blush is ultra-cute and suitable for a lot of skin tones with a natural and discreet hue. With this blush, the complexion is enhanced with discretion, we are totally in the trend of “make-up, no make-up”. I liked its peach scent that brings a bit of greed in the morning and its lasting is good and holds throughout the day.

My crush is definitely for Glow Mon Amour. I had not tested a liquid highlighter yet and even if the use of the pipette is a little “messy” (get used to it or I advise you to drop the product on the back of your hand and collect ). I fell for the almost metallic effect of the highlighter, which remains very melted on the complexion. Both the finger and the Beauty Blender, the product is easy to apply – special mention that it does not move the previously applied products. This product definitely provides the light needed to maintain a luminous complexion all year round in the blink of an eye.

Glowy look : a colorful look with the Berry Much Love palette

Berry Much Love’s palette consists of 16 colorful shades between nude hues, red/pink, plums, in short, we are in very juicy shades! Among the selection of shades : six are mattes, and ten shimmery. The colors are intense and the powder formula is slightly scented with red fruits.

I like the relatively compact size of the palette and its intense colors that allows to have fun with makeup. I find that makeup has a nice pigmentation in general and it is possible to modulate their intensity according to how we work the product (in more or less fine layers, use a drop of water or a fix makeup spray to intensify the makeup).

The variation of the satin shades I enjoyed a lot. Indeed, I am rather iridescent makeup everyday. Immediately, it brings light to the face and wakes up the eyes. They compliment the majority of eyes and skin tones and can be worked in halo or more sophisticated with various blending techniques, even if the creation of a smokey.

The Mascara False Lash Fiber Xtrem Resist is the honor for this look. This is a mascara to use in two steps. For the first step, we have a 8-shaped brush (corset brush), that is to say that the top and bottom of the brush are the same width. The brush is tightened in the middle. After an application, the eyelashes are really elongated and thickened. The formula slides on the eyelashes and does not make blocks. Black is very intense. For step two, mascara proposes to lengthen eyelashes even more. The brush is shaped like a eyelash curlers, which allows to curl the eyelashes even more and create a feline look. I was blown away by this mascara. The formula, enriched in fiber, makes a real difference. I thought the two-step products were a little gadget and I must say that the dramatic effectalmost false-eyelashes is at the rendez vous. The waterproof formula resists to everything. Even my two-phase eye makeup remover needs a little time to break the makeup and let my lashes free from the Lash Fiber Xtrem!

Glowy Look : what about matte lips?

With a glowy look, we can make the choice to dare juicy and bright lips – which I usually do. Today, I wanted to try another combination with a matte finish with the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick The Chocolates. L’Oréal introduces its Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick as liquid lipsticks in intense color, lasting 16 hours guaranteed without transfer and without texture effect. The brand wants to combine an ultra-matte finish with extreme comfort thanks to a new technology elastomer gel promising a sensation of lightness, flexibility of the lips and zero drying.

These lacquers are presented in pretty polished transparent bottles with pink gold details, successfully pretty. At the opening, we discover a foam tip shaped in drop, slightly curved. The latter contains a small tank in its center. The capacity is 7.6ml.

At the opening, as promised by L’Oreal, an intense chocolate scent spreads. The scent reminds me of the Nesquick chocolate of my childhood. It’s strong enough and may not please everyone. However, the fragrance of the product fades from the application on the lips and does not represent any discomfort.

I have a slightly mixed opinion about this lipstick. Indeed, I was surprised by the pigmentation that is up to the promises of the product. The lightest shade I’ve tested is very opaque and perfectly covers my lips, which are naturally quite dark. When applied, the color is quickly uniform and we do not need to apply x layers of product on the lips to achieve a flawless finish. What I liked least is the formula/texture. Indeed, Ultra Matte Liquid Lisptick slide well on the lips because they are very silicone (the first ingredient of the composition is Dimethicone). However, they take a long time to dry. When the formula is dry, it remains flexible on the lips but tends to stick. I guess this effect comes from the “elastomer gel technology” intended to make these matte lipsticks comfortable. I think the technology deserves to be corrected to bring more comfort over the long term. As mentioned in the video, I felt that the formula had a tendency to dry out the lips, so be careful, before application, it is necessary to have applied beforehand a lip balm.

Glowy look with L’Oreal Paris : the video

L’ORÉALBonjour Sunshine
L’ORÉALBonjour Nudista (Médium Clair)
URBAN DECAY – Naked Skin Concealer (#Fair Neutral)
URBAN DECAY – Naked Skin Ultra Définition Powder Foundation (#Fair Neutral)
L’ORÉALBlush Doux Réveil de Teint Life’s a Peach (#Peach Addict)
L’ORÉALGlow Mon Amour
L’ORÉALPalette Berry Much Love
LANCÔME – Khôl (#01 Noir)
LANCÔME – Gel sourcil (#Brun)
L’ORÉALMascara False Lash Fiber Xtrem Resist (Noir Waterproof)
L’ORÉALUltra Matte Liquid Lipstick Les Chocolats (#848 Dose of Cocoa)

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