Studio Makeup : my favorites products

In recent months, I discovered the make-up brand Studio Makeup. After testing several products, I wanted to share here some of my favorites!

Studio Makeup : the brand

Studio Makeup is the brand name of the cosmetics leader in the United States which wanted to create their own brand combining professional quality products at affordable prices for the greatest number.

The brand was launched in Miami in 2008 and has gradually gained ground internationally. In France, the brand is available in Marionnaud, Monoprix and Galeries Lafayette stores.

Studio Makeup : my favorites

The first product I loved is the Soft Illusion Face Primer, which smoothes the complexion and helps the makeup to hold for longer. Its texture is really light and does not leave a sticky film on the epidermis. I used it all summer and even alone to brighten the complexion and smooth the pores. The foundation resists better during the day and this primer has no comedogenic effect (that is to say black heads that appear).

For eyebrows, I loved two products: the Brow Perfection Pencil. I use the shade Dark Blonde is the perfect color for my complexion : not too dark and especially with ashy undertones. The plus is its brush on the second tip of the pen that helps brush the eyebrows and homogenize the product. The texture is slightly waxy (without being sticky) – which allows a good hold of the product and a light fixation of the eyebrows. The second is High Define Brow Tint mascara. I use the dark shade which is dark and ashy brown. It allows to fill the eyebrows and fix them. What I like is the size of the brush that is perfect for managing the amount of product. The formula does not dry in a “caky” way.

For the eyes, I had a big crush on the Lash Maximizer Mascara with its original brush that includes three spheres. This product makes doe eyelashes in the blink of an eye. The formula does not pack and stays in place all day without flowing – even if it is not waterproof. I also loved the Color Smooth Eyeliner which is close to a kohl. This pencil comes in twelve shades. I have the black and navy blue that are must have to create smoky looks and highlight your eyes. The plus is the smudge tip that allows to work the product with ease.

For the lips, the formula of Lip Veneer Stain which combines a very opaque, glossy and comfortable formula. The color I wear regularly is a raspberry red approaching a violin, the Opulent hue. The only downside I can give to this product is the fact that it transfers quite easily. Nevertheless, its vinyl finish, a bit vintage, is really pretty.

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