Neomist Spa : a lovely discovery

I discovered the Neomist Spa a few months ago during a privileged moment where I was able to make a Skin Rendez-Vous, meaning, to create its custom made cream. Neomist is a brand that corresponds well to my dermatological profile because I need products formulated with high quality active ingredients, with a list of short ingredients to avoid all those preservatives, additives and co which bring out my peri-oral dermatitis.

Neomist Spa : the place

Located in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, a few steps from the Place de la République, Brigitte welcomes you in a monochromatic cocoon of white and black – just like the brand. The institute is elegant, with a chic and sober decoration. From the first step, we feel that we are in a place that values ​​expertise in skincare and especially targeted anti-aging actions.

On the ground floor is the reception area and Skin Rendez-Vous with the counter to make your custom face formula.

In the basement, you will find the beauty spa area with the cabin far from the Paris hubbub. It’s calm, elegant, in short, we are transported.

Neomist Spa : the skincare menu

The institute offers a wide range of treatments ranging from skincare to body care, hair removal and high-tech treatments such as Microdermabrasion (gentle exfoliation), Radiofrequency (facelift without surgery) or Face Lift Fusion 3D (global anti-aging treatment).

To better target the customer, the appointment begins with determining your dermatological profile, that is to say your skin type, your skincare routines and your lifestyle. Depending on this, a skincare adapted to this “diagnosis” is proposed.

Personally, Brigitte made me discover the facial with Dermalogica products (very gorgeous brand of cosmetics that is close to the philosophy of Neomist). This treatment takes place by removing makeup, exfoliation and a mask. Obviously, a modeling/massage is done during the treatment to amplify the action of the products and the moment of relaxation.

This treatment was amazing and completely relaxed me. I was sitting on a table with a warm blanket under me – which promotes a full body relaxation. And, at the moment of the modeling, I reached such a relaxation that I fell asleep ! The fairy fingers of Brigitte are for something, that, I’m sure !

The facial itself was of a high quality and I was able to further discover the Dermalogica product range. The product that surprised me the most and is the Daily Microfoliant  scrub formulated with rice and reveals a smooth foamy texture – perfect for my sensitive skin. At the end of the treatment, my skin was brighter, smoother (thanks to the modeling and moisturizing concentration of the products) and plumped.

The Dermalogica facial is charged 90€.

Neomist Spa : my opinion

I strongly recommend this place both in the services it offers and for the professionalism and special attention of Brigitte.

The technique that Brigitte has developed is very specific and worthy of luxury spas. Although the prices may seem a bit high, they are totally justified in relation to the services offered.

So I will return with my eyes closed in the Neomist Institute to pamper both my body and my mind.

Neomist l’Institut
29 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris

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