Penhaligon’s Hidden London

Penhaligon’s Hidden London, a collection that I had the pleasure to discover in the secret of the magnificent shop of the rue Saint-Honoré. Accompany me on an unusual visit of London!

Penhaligon’s Hidden London: the story

The idea behind Hidden London is to answer in some way to the question: what is the best way to discover a city?

“Some say there is no better way to discover a city than to walk it.

Indeed, what better than to get lost in its streets to really know all its recesses? According to these same visitors, no way of traveling equals the one surrounded by powerful scented fragrances.

The fragrance is an invitation to travel and is adorned with striking effects: exaltation of the soul, reminiscence of childhood associated with his nanny, the books of a library, the soft skin of a darling lover.”

Penhaligon’s offers secret tours around London, in the streets so special of this capital to discover all its treasures.

Penhaligon’s Hidden London: the collection

Hidden London is a collection of three limited edition fragrances. Each fragrance comes in a box covered with a colorful fabric that defines its identity: blue for Marybelone Wood, green for Belgravia Cyprus and red for Kensington Avenue. The packaging is luxurious and wonderfully detailed.

Marybelone Wood is a woody fragrance that illustrates the Marybelone neighborhood also named as “the Village”. We walk in the alleys to the Georgian style brick houses. Close to London’s parks, we breathe a breath of fresh air and elegance. In top note, we have grapefruit. No heart notes fit in Marybelone Wood. Then, in the base notes, combine sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and amber. This creation is modern and sophisticated.

Kensington Amber plunges us into royal luxury with an amber fragrance. From Kensington Palace to the Victoria and Albert Museum, we rediscover the London history that is carved into the stone of these royal monuments, Victorian homes and elegant streets that dot this geographical point. In top note, we have bergamot. Then in heart note, cinnamon transports us. Tonka bean, cedar wood, vanilla, benzoin and labdanum close Kensington Amber. The result is warm, exotic and enveloping.

Belgravia Chypre is a woody and almost aromatic fragrance. Between Buckingham Palace and Sloane Square, the Palladian houses are home to embassies and wealthy families. Today, antique shops and Michelin-starred restaurants are hidden behind austere gates. In top notes, we have the acidity of raspberry and the pungent touch of pink pepper. In heart notes, the May rose and the mate combine. Then, in the background, we have patchouli, labdanum and cistus.

The price is £137 the 100ml.

Penhaligon’s Hidden London: my opinion

Once again, Penhaligon’s shows us all its creativity and its so British personality! The brand draws on the infinite richness of its history and culture to make us discover the soul of three neighborhoods. It is surprising, exotic and especially a bit magic! I really like the design of labels that bring a touch of authenticity and very artistic to the whole.

The creations are beautiful. Personally, I had a crush on Marybelone Wood and Belgravia Cyprus which are the freshest and most woody creations.

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