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At the end of April, I had the chance to be invited to the Dermacenter via a contest organized by Capucine, on her blog Babillages. I was delighted to be able to test the Dermacenter Paris. I was so impressed that I wanted to share my experience here.

Dermacenter Paris: the place

In the heart of the Marais in Paris, the Dermacenter welcomes us in a clear, warm and pure space. The goal of the Dermacenter is to provide dermatological expertise and allow customers to better understand the characteristics of their skin. We are welcomed by a pharmacy doctor specializing in galenic (Patricia, a very nice meeting) and a team of dermo-counselors.

The diagnosis is free and without obligation of purchase. It is better to make an appointment. The Dermacenter is open 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm. To discover the Dermacenter, go to 13 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris.

Dermacenter brings together the Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Skinceuticals, Roger&Gallet and Sanoflore brands.

Dermacenter Paris: the skin diagnosis

During the evening, my face was analyzed by the machine VISIA which allows to scan and analyze the skin in depth with its 3 flashes (UV, simple and polarized).

Visia assigns a score of 0 to 100% on several parameters:

  • wrinkles
  • hydration
  • pore
  • spots (including “brown spots” different from freckles)
  • skin texture (smooth skin = nice texture, irregular skin = bad texture)
  • areas of redness (sensitive skin or not)
  • bacterial activity (acne)

Obviously, the ideal score is 100% but it does not exist! The goal is to have more than 50% for each parameter. Which would mean that our skin is in an “average”, “ok” state with respect to this measurement. The machine also takes into account our age. Obviously, we do not have the same skin at 20, 30 or 40 years old! The machine will therefore give us the score in relation to the average of the population of our age.

I was really curious to see what the Visia machine could teach me about my skin, especially with perioral dermatitis, it is always difficult to find a balance.

  • Sensitivity (red zones): 20% as much as saying that my skin is ultra-sensitive and inflamed…
  • Pores: 92% (my pores are not dilated)
  • Spots: 78% (no particularly obvious spots) but with scores of 64% for UV spots and 45% for brown spots. So I have a sensitivity barely latent on this level and it’s how to protect my skin even more from external aggression.
  • Wrinkles: 73% I have some wrinkles that appear in the corner of my eyes … I spotted them!
  • Skin texture (smooth skin, etc.): 95%! Very high score so beautiful skin quality.
  • Hydration: I can not find my score but I remember that my skin was well hydrated.
  • Bacterial activity: I can not find my result anymore but the indicator is “green”

In summary, I have a skin that is in transformation. I was on the combination type and she is becoming dry. Before that, she was already dry. The skin is a living organ and it can evolve throughout our life. This is why it is important to follow it in order to better adapt the care we provide. My skin is, at this time, prone to redness and brown spots. So, the action of my skincare will have to be the appeasement and the protection in order to rebalance it.

Dermacenter Paris: my new morning skincare routine

With the change of season, my skincare routine was changing. The Visia consultation gave me additional insights to find the right products.

For the morning, exit the cleansing step with a gel. The skin is not “dirty” and therefore does not need this gesture which can be perceived as an additional aggression. So, the first gesture will be to cool with  Thermal Spring Water: I use the one from Avene. Then, I will spray a couple of sprays from Centella Queen’s Lotion that helps rebalance the bacterial activity of the skin. This skincare contains organic essential oils of Oregano, Sage and Mint. They help tone the skin and revive the complexion. This treatment is therefore stimulating and refreshing. Combined with Magnesium, this lotion provides a healthy glow to tired faces. After letting my skin absorb these products, I apply a drop of Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping daily booster. I had not heard of this product at all, but it will help the skin to fight against external aggressions and dehydration. From the first use, this product has been good for my skin: a revelation! I add a drop of Neomist Anti-Age Eye Formula to bring a little more comfort and hydration to the eye contour (I’ve already talked about it here). I end with The Body Shop Vitamine E Moisture Protect Emulsion. A product that had been offered by the brand and didn’t really appealed me. But I had started to test it just few days before because the word fluid could match my needs. In the end, it is perfectly suited to my skin and as I said in my previous skincare post, formulated without alcohol. In addition, it contains an SPF30 – which is perfect for protecting my skin against the risk of brown spots.

After only 4 days of this routine, my skin has literally changed. It is less red, brighter with less this impression of filigree brown spots. I am completely conquered and delighted to have been able to better understand what suited it or not. A big thanks to all the Dermacenter team and Capucine for this moment of conviviality and beauty!

Obviously, I will complete this post with my evening routine which has also been changed.

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