My crush from Simone Pérèle

To dedicate an post to one and only one model, it had to be a good one! My crush from Simone Pérèle, I owe it to Martine from Un Amour de Lingerie. Why such an interest? I tell you everything!

My crush from Simone Pérèle: Andora

Thanks to Martine’s advices, I exceeded my assumptions about bras with “hulls”. Indeed, having a generous breast, I did not see myself adding volume at this level … Except that I was not there at all!

The model is the Andora bra which is a “classic” model from Simone Pérèle. It is a molded bra that will not amplify the chest but will give it an even more beautiful curve. Hardly tried, I adopted it! Its mesh is ultra-soft and light. I almost feel like I’m not wearing anything – which provides optimal comfort.

Andora is a model that wants to be delicate with its embroidery and satin bow at the between-breasts. The straps are also worked with a guipure to accentuate the sophisticated and feminine side of the model. The “chimney” back allows a better hold and support. The straps are adjustable and the back closes with staples.

This model comes in different colors throughout the year with the classics: black, flesh, etc. For this spring, I fell for this very pretty pink powder that fits perfectly to my wardrobe.

Andora goes to cup G.

My crush from Simone Pérèle: a must have!

I can not imagine my wardrobe without the model Andora. Why? It’s a piece like a second skin: comfortable and pretty to wear. I just love it!

It’s also become my best friend under the dresses (and you know how much I love wearing dresses!). It will give the lift, a curve and a gorgeous neckline!

Finally, it confirms that having good lingerie is essential in order to feel good about yourself and especially to enhance your figure. Lingerie is a piece of clothing in its own right and is as important as the pieces you put on top. In short, take care of your boobs!

Simone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle AndoraSimone Perèle Andora


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