Crunchy buckwheat salad (gluten free

From the first rays of the sun, the desire for salad is felt! I composed this new composition with the Naturalia stores to find you new tasty food for our plate!

I suggest you to discover a crunchy buckwheat salad. Few people regularly consume buckwheat while it is a food extremely interesting nutritionally (glycemic index low, very satiating). Called weirdly buck wheat, it replaces gluten. Buckwheat is the flagship ingredient of buckwheat pancakes (recipe here) and is also delicious to enjoy hot or cold in its seed form.

Crunchy buckwheat salad : the recipe


200g cooked chickpeas

Buckwheat in seed (about 250g raw)

Asparagus (green or purple, not important)

Nuts oil

Cider vinegar

Maple syrup

1 teaspoon cumin


Salt, pepper

Rinse and cook the buckwheat until it becomes just tender. Drain and reserve.

Rinse the chickpeas and remove the white skin so that they are more digestible. Cook them in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil and cumin. When they are golden, add two tablespoon of maple syrup. Reserve.

Prepare the asparagus: cut the end and peel them off. Cook them in slightly salted water. They must be crunchy.

Put in a salad bowl: buckwheat, chickpeas and the chopped herbs. Mix well. Finish with the asparagus cut into sections. Pour two tablespoon of nuts oil and cider vinegar. Season the salad.

Serve and enjoy.

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