Festive Makeup with The Body Shop

The arrival of the holiday season gives me the opportunity to present you a festive makeup. By discovering The Body Shop christmas collection, I had some products that inspired me to create a look that I will detail here.

Festive makeup with The Body Shop

I wanted to create a rather classic look: fresh complexion, eyeliner and fuchsia lips. The flagship product around which I thought this look is Metal Lip Liquid (# 028 Fuchsia Chrome). It’s the original and festive touch of the look!

The other product that the brand has released for the holidays is a Star Stamp Liner with a star pad. I love the idea and this liner can add a fancy touch to the makeup in a snap. The felt tip is very handy for drawing a cat eye and its lasting is impeccable throughout the day.

Festive makeup : step by step

First, I unify my complexion by using Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation (# 021 Havana Sand). It is perfect to matify the complexion while fighting against small imperfections. I finish with my Urban Decay Concealer Naked Skin Concealer (#Light Warm). I finish with a touch of powder, Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder (# 52 Vanilla), to fix everything.

To structure the face, I use a bronzer, the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (# 01 Light Matte), and I combine two illuminators, Honey Bronze Dome Light (# 01 and # 02): a walleye and a rosé. I apply the golden illuminator on the top of the cheeks, the nose and Cupid’s bow and the rosé on the round cheeks.

For extra glitters, I’m using the Sparkling Body Shimmer Puff.

For the eyes, I first apply Eye Colour Stick (#01 Nevada Gold) on which I apply a golden eyeshadow (#105 Giza Stone). In the crease, I mix a matte brown (#210 Kilimanjaro Rock) and a matte purple (#401 Pretoria Amethyst). Then, I draw a line of eyeliner. I’m finishing with Lash Hero Mascara (#01 Black). In the lining, I add a pearly khôl to bring a touch of light. I worked on my eyebrows by brushing and redrawing them with the mate brown eyeshadow.

For a more extravagant version, I’ll drop a few star pads at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, then, one on the middle of the eyelid.

For the lips, I lay two coats of Metal Lip Liquid (#028 Fuchsia Chrome).

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