Sensitive Skin Hydratation Routine

A moisturizing routine for sensitive, dry skin is not always easy to find. And all the more so with the problem of peri-oral dermatitis that complicates the equation! Avoid certain textures but especially do not overload the skin: provide hydration and comfort while letting the skin breathe.

Hydration routine for sensitive skin

Moisturizing your skin is the first gesture of beauty, especially anti-aging, that you can bring to the skin. Before treating the signs of aging, perfectly hydrated cells both inside and out will give you a radiant and radiant skin. To learn more about skin hydration, visit Water, the first beauty step for your skin.

Morning and/or evening, opinions differ on the needs of the skin and gestures to adopt. It must adapt to your skin type and your environment (limestone water, sun exposure, etc.). It is also important that the skin can regulate itself a little – as in the case of perioral dermatitis where too many moisturizers are not recommended.

Hydratation routine : how to apply your skincare products?

The hydration of the face is specified in four areas: the face, the neck and décolleté, the eye contour and the lips (which I will not speak here).

The neck and décolleté are often overlooked during our beauty routines while they are very important areas where the first signs of age can appear if we do not bring the same attention as for the rest of the face. So remember to get your serum and/or cream down to your décolleté. In addition, a few gestures from the bottom up and targeted massages can work on the relaxation of the epidermis.

The skin around the eyes being thinner and more fragile, adapting its care is important.

To apply the products, favor delicacy such as slight circular movements or pressure on the face, neck and décolleté. For the eye contour, use the fingertips so as not to exert too much pressure and tap to reactivate the micro-circulation.

Hydration routine : what products I’m using?

For morning, the flagship product of my routine is LABOTE’s custom made day cream. This product, in itself, is self-sufficient. It is not necessary to apply serum or eye contour since the formula has been made according to my skin, its condition and its needs. If I only use this product, I generally apply two pumps.

Nevertheless, to bring a little more radiance, I can combine with the Lancôme Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care. I then apply a pump of the product on the face and neck. I then apply a pump also LABOTE cream.

If I’m short of sleep and need to wake up, I use Neomist’s Formule Regard Anti-Âge. It will really revive the look and bring a targeted anti-aging action.

For evening, I will limit the products to avoid feeding my skin too much. I will then – either get hydration by a floral water, or with a cream or light serum. A product that I have enjoyed for several years is the serum Drops of Youth by The Body Shop which is a serum with an aqueous texture that will help cell renewal to fight against the signs of aging.

sensitive skin hydratation routine sensitive skin hydratation routine sensitive skin hydratation routine sensitive skin hydratation routine


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