Four years of blogging

Four years of blogging: my impressions

On October the 6, the blog blew out its fourth candle! It’s pretty amazing when I think about it. I did not think I would stay that long with this creative support when I created it. At the same time, when I created it (on a whim after dropping my kitchen blog), the only thought I had was to open a space on the web where I could talk about my passions and leave a print of my personality.

I went to read again the post I wrote last year, for the 3 years of blogging, and I’m still in sync with what I shared a year ago. I always have the same feelings and the same desires and much more! I deeply want to be able to give an incarnation to my universe – especially through my beauty services and coaching. I feel that this aspect of the blog will have more importance from 2018 (always believe in our dreams)!

A new blog for 4 years: migrating to WordPress

It’s been a year (yes, yes!) that I was thinking about migrating to WordPress. Indeed, the particularity of my blog is that I translate all my psots in English and the Blogger interface did not allow me to have a page in French and the other in English. I had to put both versions of the post in the same post. And the observation over the last twelve months was final. It was really because of that that I stagnated at SEO level.

Migrating on WordPress scared me because the amount of work is huge. Nevertheless, I took the plunge thanks to the Pipdig team. Pipdig is the company I used last year to realize my 2016/2017 design. The quality of their designs and the help that it offers throughout the process is of excellent quality and I was delighted to work with them.

The changes will take time. Indeed, migrating under WordPress obliges me to take back all my archives and to go back one by one each article in order to “split” the French from the English version. You can already navigate between the French and English versions like as you want!

In addition to this migration, I also changed the theme! I wanted to keep the visual interactivity with a slide at the top of the page while having a clearer view of the articles. Other functionalities will arrive but for now, I’m keeping the surprise!

I am delighted with this new chapter which is opening and I hope that these changes enchant you as much as I do!

Thank you for following me here and elsewhere. I hope our adventures will continue to be thrilling!

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