The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

The range of Expert Facial Masks from The Body Shop has recently been expanded with the launch of a new mask. On your marks, ready, test !

THE BODY SHOP – Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

This new Japanese Matcha Tea Mask is an anti-pollution mask. It is enriched with matcha tea from Kakegawa, Japan, dandelion extract, and fair trade Mexican aloe vera. Its formula is 100% vegan and wants to eliminate pollution and deep cleanse the skin.

The texture is creamy and contains loofah particles that gently exfoliates the skin.

Its price is 20€ (75ml) like all other masks in the range.

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask – How to use it ?

Apply the mask on wet skin with a brush or fingers. Once applied, gently massage the face starting at the forehead and doing all round the face with circular motions until reaching the nose.

Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water using circular movements to gently exfoliate the epidermis. Once the mask is removed, use a wipe or cotton pad soaked with cold water and pass over the face to tighten the pores.

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask – My opinion ?

Like other masks in the range, what I really like is its 2 in 1 formula, which is a scrub combined to a mask. Other very nice point in use is the freshness of the texture that gives a boost to the skin right from the application. Its delicate fragrance adds a touch of relaxation to this cocooning ritual.

After using the mask, the skin is brighter and the pores are tightened. The face is rid of its “tired skin” and regains its light. Its action will also fight against the early signs of skin aging.

This type of mask can be used in addition to a moisturizing mask, for example, once a week.

The advantage of an anti-pollution mask is that it will help detoxify and remove pollutants and impurities embedded in the epidermis. Knowing that we are more and more numerous to live in urban areas, our skin takes a hit and it is necessary to help it to get rid of what stifles it and undermine its balance.

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