Hands skincare

Hands skincare…I must confess that sometimes I lack time. And yet, the hands can suffer from recurring problems: dehydration, weakened nails, etc. In addition, hands are one of the parts of the body where the aging of the skin sometimes manifests itself early.

Hands Skincare: 4 steps

The first step is scrubing. Although doing scrubs for the body on a regular basis, making it a localized brings a better action. The product that I recently discovered and which I like very much is the Miracle Scrub with ginseng and ginkgo from RITUALS. The fine beads are not too aggressive. This product refines skin texture, illuminates and softens hands.

The second step is hydration. I use a cream with intense hydration which is the Almond Soft Hands Treatment from SOURCE DE PROVENCE. Rich in shea butter, it repairs deeply the epidermis. Quickly absorbed, it brings softness and smoothness to the hands. Its perfume of almond transports us in the fields of almond trees of Provence.

The third step is the anti-aging action. The 30 years are coming and I am more and more about preventing the first signs of age and hands do not escape. Indeed, they are put to the test with all that we do every day! I discovered at the Victoires de la Beauté, the Anti-Aging Cream-Serum from NEOMIST. What I like is the sprayable formula, very practical that brings a lot of freshness. This treatment will boost cell renewal, fight against wrinkles and pigmentary marks and the production of hyaluronic acid.

The fourth step is the nails. I recently started using UKA‘s 18:30 Organic Cuticle & Nail Care Oil. The Nail Oil range is a special range for moisturizing nails and hands. They come in five different fragranced notes, adapted to each moment of the day. To use daily, these small bottles easily slip into the handbag to keep perfect hands on any occasion. The oil of 18:30 is composed of rose, geranium, orange and a touch of jasmine. The result is feminine, soft and sparkling.

This oil is very easy to use with its roll-on. The nails and cuticles are fortified and moisturized more at each use thanks to a cocktail of oils combining sweet almond oil, argan oil, jojoba and wheat germ oil.

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