Reduce waste : 5 easy tips for the bathroom

Reduce waste in your daily life is a change that is more and more trendy but essential for our planet Eart.

For few years now, I’ve been trying to do small changes to keep taking care of myself while trying to reduce my waste. I wanted to compile the changes I made in my bathroom so that we could share  tips and good ideas!

Easy tips to reduce waste in the bathroom ?

An object I discovered more than four years ago – even before the launch of this blog !, is the menstrual cup. I was seduced by the concept which is ecological, economic and above all more respecting the interior of our body. A menstrual cup can be used over several years I have ordered mine on Fleurcup but now, several brands and e-shops or stores offer them for sale. My choice was Fleurcup because it was one of the first options available and most importantly, it is made in France so do so in the local!

If a more detailed post interests you, do not hesitate to tell me, with more than four years of use, I think I have enough perspective to share my experience.

I love shower gels but I turn more and more regularly to soap bars to reduce waste. A multitude of options are available and generally, with much less packaging. I still had the prejudice of soaps that dry the skin but many of them are very gentle for the skin. Just find the one that suits you.

To help you in your choice, prefer cold saponified soaps that are manufactured with respect to vegetable oils and fats used for saponification. The oils are not heated and the soap bar is rich in natural glycerine, which helps to maintain a good hydration of the skin. You will find different categories of cold process soaps: surgras for the most sensitive or reactive skins (especially for babies), soaps associated with natural assets to help problem skins (acne, psoriasis, etc.) and fragranced soaps with essential oils. In any case, respect your skin type and things you like to please you and try to favor the French (local for non french readers!) manufactures.

You may have read in previous posts (Travel Kit de Lush and this Beauty & Lifestyle Haul) that I have tried solid toothpastes. Beyond waste reduction, commercial toothpastes contain products that can be allergenic. I became aware of it about ten years ago due to a dermatological problem and where the dermatologist advised me to stop using toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm. I used baking soda for several years to wash my teeth. I recently bought the solid Crystal toothpaste  from the Pachamamai brand and I am delighted. It has a sufficiently hard texture and is flavored with peppermint and mint which provides a pleasant feeling of freshness during and after brushing. The box is reusable and you can simply recharge it with a solid toothpaste. I went to Day by Day which is a grocery store without any packaging and this even for hygiene products, etc. Several stores exist in France, find the closest to you by clicking here.

I shared with you in my September/October Favorites video of washable cotton pads from the brand Tendances d’Emma. With these washable cottons, I have reduced the amount of conventional cottons at least by two, if not by three. I have also switched to organic cotton pads for the little I use with lotions and other liquid formulas. I love the texture that allows an effective and soft make-up removal. I pass them in a net, in a washing machine and sometimes it is necessary that I rub the pads with Marseille soap in order to remove traces of mascara and other liners.

To finish, I went to the q-tips. It must be admitted that their use provides a unique satisfaction but is not recommended by ENTs and even less for their plastic that pollutes the planet. So I added the Lamazuna’s Oriculi to my bathroom. It is simply a cure ear that makes it possible to eliminate the visible cerumen at the entrance of the ear. It is used once or twice per week. The Oriculi is made of bamboo and can last a lifetime. To take care of it, simply wipe it with a tissue or soft tissue.

Do you know these products ? Are you using it ? Did you start to reduce waste in your life ?

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