The Body Shop Down To Earth Palette

The Body Shop’s Down To Earth palette promises beautiful natural colors for your makeup.

The Body Shop Down To Earth Palette

The Body Shop launched a new range of makeup palettes answering to the sweet name of Down To Earth which characteristic is to be 100% vegan. They are free of parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and without carmine. They are therefore suitable for all types of skin and sensitive eyes.

There are six palettes :

  • the Glow Palette with 8 shadows,
  • the Blue Palette with 4 shadows,
  • the Grey Palette with 4 shadows,
  • the Plum Palette with 4 shadows,
  • the Brown Palette with 4 shadows,
  • the Gold Palette with 4 shadows.

The pallets combine matte, shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows.

The packaging of these palettes is fine, black and elegant. Each pallet has a large mirror – making them very convenient. In addition, you can interchange the shadows because you can remove them from the palette. It is then possible to dial its pallets and take with you the eyeshadows you want.

The palettes are sold at the price of £15 for the quads and £22 for the big palette.

Down To Earth palette – How to use it ?

The eyeshadows from the Down To Earth palettes can be used dry or slightly wet for more intensity.

You can play with one, two, three or more shades and create looks more or less neutral or smokeys.

The matte black eyeshadow is perfect to use as an eyeliner.

I will make you a tutorial soon when my skin concerns will be cured.

My thoughts ?

I only used for the moment the Glow Palette that matches the colors I easily used daily. I would describe it as a more eco-friendly version of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

The textures are creamy and easy to blend together. The products don’t have fall out and the lasting power is throughout  the day.

I like the fact that we can decompose and recompose the palettes with the shades of our choice. They’re compact and thin enough to slip into our holiday vanity.

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