Super Facialist Cleansing Oil : my review

I’m sharing my thoughts on the Super Facialist Cleansing Oil I shopped during my Brighton holiday ! I recently updated my Winter Skincare Routine and you had probably see this cleansing oil which turned me into a panda the time I removed my make-up. It’s been few weeks since I’m trying out it and it was time to write a review about it.

When I went to Brighton, it was a beauty product on my shopping list. Recommended by The Anna Edit, I really wanted to try again an oil formula cleanser. Indeed, until now I had more affection for cleansing butters (such as The Body Shop Camomile Cleanser Butter) which melt more on the skin rather than oils.

Super Facialist Cleansing Oil : the product

The Super Facialist Vitamin C+ range wants to combine an anti-aging treatment with high performance pro-collagen Vitamin C. This cleansing oil is also enriched with rosemary, vitamin E and cucumber. This product – besides being a cleansing product wants to be a part of a whole skincare and support cell renewal for a healthier, younger and smoother skin.

Super Facialist is offering a new cleansing experience with a formula infused with vitamin C, a cocktail of nourishing oils (olive and grape seeds) as well as rosehip oil.

Super Facialist Cleansing Oil : How I’m using it ?

As you could see in the video, I use this oil as the first step of my night skincare routine. I take about the equivalent of a half teaspoon of product that I apply on my face after heating the oil in my hands. I try to extend the product to its maximum then I add a bit of warm water. The formula will transforme into a milky texture. By circular motions, I continue to “break” my makeup – especially around the eyes. Once I consider that the oil has enough worked, I rinced my face with a small towel or muslim clothes and not too warm water. For extra care, I left the towel few seconds on my face. This brings complete relaxation and cleansing by helping to open up the pores.

I rinsed two or three times and I gently insiste on the lashes to remove most of my mascara (it’s always the most resistant product on me).

Once fully rinsed, I use another towel dedicated to dry my face.

Super Facialist Cleansing Oil : my review

The first thing that captivated me in this product is its fragrance. It has the smell of vitamin C: a citrus cocktail with this rosehip touch…A real olfactory happiness that gives you even more the urge to take care of your skin.

The formula is light and provides no sticky feeling. The product really melts with the skin and it’s lovely.

I find that this oil almost completely removes the make-up. As I said, it’s the eyes that I may have some residue but other than that, it’s very effective while being very gentle with the skin. After rinsing the product, you don’t have dry or a greasy feeling on the skin. This is a product I really love this oil in my everyday routine. I can see, for the moment, my skin is like boosted, plumped while being soft and fresh. It’s an ally for the winter months.

Plus, it’s a budget friendly product (8£) !

super facialist cleansing oilsuper facialist cleansing oilsuper facialist cleansing oil


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