Panpuri review : Siamese Water discovery

panpuri review

Today, I’m inviting you to discover my Panpuri review which is a Thai brand which recently landed in France. This brand is worth a detour for the greatest pleasure of the senses.

Panpuri review : the brand

“Panpuri is a smooth blend of Thai people, their philosophy of well-being and unforgettable landscapes of this country…”

Panpuri wants to invite us to travel, escape and beauty rituals through its products without leaving our bathroom. Panpuri is inspired by Thaï beauty traditions and wants to revive them by creating high-quality and sensorial products.

To do this, noble ingredients (100% pure and natural essential oils) and organic for the majority will take care of us.

Panpuri review : the products

What I like with this brand is that they want to transform daily routines into enjoyable rituals(to name just another, Rituals philosophy advocates the same). I tried two products in the Siamese Water Signature range which is like their flagship line : the Uplifting Cleanser (Shampoo) and the Uplifting Hand and Nails Cream I also mentioned on my Youtube.

I immediately loved the fragrance of this range that combines notes of jasmine, peppermint, ylang ylang and especially osmanthus flowers that adds a unique depth to the fragrance (found about it in the limited edition London Blue Skies & Blossom from Jo Malone London). It’s freshfeminine and sophisticated. The most of this association is that it’s very relaxing and brings well-being when you are the opening the products. Both of these cares are little pleasures in every day life.

Uplifting Cleanser Shampoo

The shampoo is perfect for an everyday use and adds texture and volume to the hair. Its formula is light and doesn’t weigh down the hair. It is also enriched with jojoba oil rich in vitamins which brings softness and hydration.

Pañpuri – Uplifting Cleanser
(15€ 200ml)

Uplifting Hand and Nails Cream

The hand cream is a delight. Its formula is soft and creamy and doesn’t leave any greasy film on the hands. The texture is comforting and helps dry skins. I love to use it throughout the day. By cons, it’s not the product that I carry in my handbag because the 75ml tube is too big. This cream there has nevertheless found its place on my desk !

Pañpuri – Uplifting Hand and Nails Cream
(19€ 75ml)

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panpuri review


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