2021 New Year : have glitter in our lives !

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First day of 2021 and the sky honored us with a magnificent light and a breathtaking sunset (to watch quickly in story on my Instagram !). I wanted to play with the light and send you some glitter and confetti for the 2021 New Year

2021 New Year : have glitter in our lives !

Have you ever wondered why glitter are so fascinating ? Because glitter is not just a fad of little girls or women in adulthood…Why do these little pieces of material attract us – sometimes like magnets ? Why do we like to wear it – whether it’s in our makeup or on our clothes, and even more during the festive season ?

The sequins are so many small mirrors, shiny surfaces where the light reflects and will dazzle us, play with our eyes, our skin, our silhouettes. We sometimes find that glitter is a touch of magic in everyday life… What is the difference between magic and light ? We could tell ourselves it’s exactly the same…Magic is what makes it shine, just like light. It comes to reveal, anchor, embody. Without light, we cannot see ourselves or see what is around us. Finally, magic is light. It allows us to enlighten ourselves and reveal our grey areas, to familiarize ourselves with them, even to make friends with them. The light allows to unify, to be oneself completely.

The light also embodies this heat which envelops our skin. It’s comfort, it’s what makes the unknown known. Light makes you familiar. Why are we afraid of the dark? Because we cannot see what surrounds us…But if we look closely, black is not very black, it is rather a deep blue which projects the little available light.

So, for this 2021 New Year, I want to suggest that you highlight yourself and project this light that makes you unique. Don’t wait any longer for a special occasion to shine and wrap yourself in glitter. Everyday should be a celebration so let’s live them to the fullest. Let’s stop being afraid of this scene which is no longer waiting for us to put ourselves in the light. The radius of this spot which will reveal us to ourselves and to the whole world.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of this light that makes you who you are and let your specificity shine brightly. Have fun reflecting from every angle the person you play, dance under these rays from morning to night. Throw some glitter in the air and smile, everything will be fine !

I wish you to listen to your heart in order to make all your brightest dreams come true !

Happy new year 2021 !

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Look : Skirt – Maison 1 2 3, , Cardigan – Burton of London, Jewelry – OGGI

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2021 new year


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