Interior gift ideas : interior fragrances made in France

interior gift ideasinterior gift ideasinterior gift ideas

For Christmas, interior gift ideas are always welcome. These products generally please everyone : whether or not we are fond of decoration. In addition to being nice options to put under the tree, some products can be used. Today, I’m going to talk to you more specifically about interior fragrances while offering you as many ideas as possible during this pre-school holiday week !

Decorative gift ideas : interior fragrances

When we are looking for decorative gift ideas, interior fragrances are always a present that gives pleasure. Who doesn’t like their interior to smell good ? Beyond being a decorative object, interior fragrances can play on the architecture of our interior (whether small or big) and on our mood of the moment. We will not put the same smells in the kitchen, as in the living room or the bedroom. Personally, I find that home fragrances bring that final touch to your home !

Interior fragrances come in different forms :

  • candles,
  • diffusers,
  • scented cushions,
  • spray,
  • etc.

Depending on the preference of the person you want to spoil, you will be able to choose the option that seems most suitable for you. Many brands, both perfumery and interior (decoration, linens or bed linen) have embarked on the adventure of home fragrances. There is something for all tastes and for all budgets. However, if you are looking for candles, choose plant origin waxes.

blanc des vosges candie

Blanc des Vosges, made in France home fragrances

Blanc des Vosges is a brand of household linen (bed and bath) which takes you into its olfactory world to discover three scents that represent all the French art of living with refinement and modernity. Each product evokes a story, a place, a memory.

The brand has declined three interior fragrances :

  • Grand large : Take to the open sea with a fragrance combining the scent of the coast and sea spray.
  • Monts Boisés : Between heaven and earth, we enter the forest with notes of pine, oak and birch.
  • Pluie Céleste : Spring walk through the gardens of flowers and citrus fruits golden by the sun.

Each fragrance is available in six products :

  • the candle (€28),
  • the soap (€4,50),
  • the scented bouquet (diffuser) (€39),
  • the refill (for the diffuser) (€20),
  • the pillow mist (€13,5) and
  • the interior fragrance (€25).

The designs are sober and can be integrated into any interior.

Other decorative gift ideas

If you want to please interior decoration fans, here are some more ideas :

  • an annual subscription to a interior design magazine,
  • duo of seasonal cushions,
  • a beautiful book to place on the coffee table,
  • aesthetic kitchen linen (tea towel, hand towel),
  • tea / coffee cups,
  • a plant,
  • a DIY workshop.

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blanc des vosges candie


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