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Floral watersFloral waters

Floral waters are one of my favorite products in my skincare routine. I have been using them daily since my first perioral dermatitis crisis in 2016. I apply them morning and evening and even during the day when I need a little boost both in terms of hydration and olfactory.

Laboté, custom-made treatments

Laboté has launched custom-made floral waters in its skincare range. As with all its treatments, the formula of the products is adapted to your skin and your needs.

In order to carry out your treatment, it is possible to make an appointment with the Laboté experts – by video or in store. This appointment allows you to have a summary of your skincare routines, the condition of your skin, and to make your beauty diagnosis/prescription, etc.

Once the experts have the necessary information, your flower water can be formulated. The composition of your product will then be recorded like this, when you reorder it is already in the pipes !

The advantage of these formulas is that they are without superfluous ingredients, 100% natural. The only chemical ingredients present in some formulas are 100% clean. The brand prohibits secondary packaging, the bottles are in recyclable glass and the instructions are in recycled paper.

Floral water is sold at a price of €24 per bottle.

laboté skincarelaboté skincare

Laboté Floral Waters

Floral Waters gently wake up the skin in the morning and soothe it in the evening after removing make-up and cleansing – especially when the water is hard. These products make the skin softer and more comfortable.

I have two versions of floral water by Laboté :

  • Mallow floral water : to soothe. Mallow is a true concentrate of softness known for its soothing properties for the skin. Mallow floral water soothes the skin and reduces minor irritations. It will refresh and soften the skin. I use it at night.
  • Floral water with Witch Hazel : to boost radiance. This plant is listed in several pharmacopoeias and has long been used in medicines to treat circulatory problems. In cosmetics, witch hazel is also very popular for its veinotonic properties. Witch hazel floral water is recommended for sensitive skin prone to redness. It is the refreshing beauty gesture that illuminates the complexion by boosting microcirculation.

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