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innoxa makeupinnoxa makeup

Since I blog, I have the chance to discover interesting brands and concepts. Today, I come to share with you my latest crush on Innoxa makeup. Yes, Innoxa, like the french pharmacy brand. Maybe you are also like me and have always had the habit of doing your makeup shopping in the usual stores (those stores in white and black, purple, etc.). Buying makeup in pharmacies has never been part of my habits…However, brands are innovating and developing products that are very gentle on our faces, the environment and our budget !

Innoxa, the brand

Created in 1920 by Dr François DEBAT, dermatologist, Innoxa is a high tolerance makeup and skincare brand, emblematic of French pharmacy.

Innoxa owes its name to the term “harmlessness” and since its creation, the brand’s commitment has been to respect sensitive skin. The first product created at INNOXA was a dermatological ointment.

The brand therefore wishes to take care of its customers and offer products adapted to the most sensitive and/or intolerant people.

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Innoxa makeup : Biobased Belle & Good Nature range

With its Belle & Good Nature range, Innoxa wishes to offer bio-based products, that is to say that consists in replacing chemical compounds with raw materials of natural and renewable origins, such as potatoes, cassava, corn, soybeans, cotton…

The range consists of the essentials for priming yourself on a daily basis :

  • eyeshadow palettes : to enhance the look, Innoxa has created a palette with 6 matt and shimmery colors. Available in 2 shades (cold tones, warm tones).
  • lengthening mascaras : for stretched and defined lashes. Available in 2 shades (brown, black).
  • volume mascaras : for fuller and denser eyelashes. Available in 2 shades (brown, black).
  • kajal pencils : to bring definition to the look. Available in 4 shades (black, brown, gray, plum).
  • eyebrow pencil : allows you to redraw the line of your eyebrows. Available in 3 shades (blond, chestnut, brown).
  • lip liners : to redraw the outline of your lips. Available in 4 shades (fuchsia, raspberry, pink beige, red)
  • lipsticks : for hydrated, smoothed and colorful lips. Available in 4 shades (raspberry, pink, fuchsia, red).
  • nail polish : the nail product line includes a two-in-one base that can be used as both a base and a top coat. In the polishes, 11 shades are available (ranging from nude shades to red and pink shades).
  • dissolving oil : to remove make-up from sensitive nails while respecting nature.

 My opinion on Innoxa makeup

I was pleasantly surprised by this green range. Indeed, the products are extremely pleasant to use. A real sensoriality is at the rendezvous at the same time as the treatment.

The eye products are well thought out: there are enough shades and matte/iridescent variations in the palette. The eyeshadows are creamy, pigmented and apply to the skin without falling too much. It is possible to build more or less color and achieve nude and smokey looks. The only point that is missing, in my opinion, is a light beige eyeshadow in order to blend the edges of your makeup. Nonetheless, if you have a clean fluffy brush you will be able to finalize your blends without a problem. I have found that the eyeshadows melt on the skin and do not dry it out. Me who is sensitive eyes, everything was very comfortable.

I also really liked the mascaras that don’t make lashes out of paper once the formula dries. Lashes remain supple and hydrated. The formulas last all day and easily remove makeup.

When it comes to lipsticks, the formulas are creamy without being overly greasy. The pigmentation is there, as well as the holding (except with the masks – since they are not mat, there will be a transfer).

As for the nail polishes, I have tried them on the hands and feet. They are impeccable. From the first coat, you get a beautiful color on the nail. I recommend two coats for more intensity.

The bonus of this bio-based range is its accessibility. Indeed, all the products cost less than 18 € – which is a real commitment to make products more respectful of the environment for the greatest number of people.

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