How to organize a baby shower : my advice

organiser une baby showerorganiser une baby shower
After a rich and busy weekend, I want to share with you how to organize a baby shower. Indeed, a friend who will soon give birth asked me to help her organize this moment of joy between friends. So, I told myself that I was going to give you my experience and my advice.

Baby shower

Baby showers (or prenatal party) are making their big arrival in France. It is a party organized for the future mom during pregnancy. Globally, each culture has rites and customs to mark this rite of passage.

If baby showers take place in the United States with friends and family, they tend to be exclusively female in France, even if this trend is starting to change.

Generally, this event takes place between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. This is a time when the entourage “floods” (cf. shower) the future mother with gifts, joy, etc.

The baby shower in which I participated this weekend was “women only”, a moment between women to share some time of conviviality, joy and sharing.

organiser une baby shower baby showergâteaux pommes

Organize a baby shower : my advice

In order to organize a baby shower, several elements must be considered :

  • the guests list : choose the relatives with whom we want to spend this moment,
  • the decor : to set the tone, create a festive context,
  • the food : savory, sweet ? It’s up to you to choose what would make you happy,
  • the entertainment : to punctuate the moment of laughs, games and memories.

The first advice I can give you is to delegate : we were several friends to be synchronized – the future mother to organize the buffet and what everyone could bring, one more on the entertainment and me on the decor.

Baby shower decor

I will take more time on the decoration in this article. The decor may seem incidental – however, this is really what will create the festive moment. We come to create an atmosphere.

My friend had given me some indications : pink (she is expecting a girl), pastel and above all not kitsch ! She also gave me a budget (around 50€).

I had created a mood board by looking for ideas on Pinterest – which allows us to visualize what we want to set up. To also make this mood board, browse the decoration sites to see what is available in stores.

Also, I tried to reflect the decoration with an idea of ​​sustainability. I like to think that some things will go into the baby’s room when the party is over. Always think about the duplication that an object can have. For example, for this baby shower, I used mini vases and tealight holders that were used for the party but could also be used to decorate the apartment or the little girl’s bedroom. Divert children’s toys for decoration such as magic wands, windmills, stuffed animals, building cubes, etc.

Regarding the wall decoration, the tissue paper pompoms and other paper balls are a sure bet. They can be used again on a birthday.

Think about plants : baby’s breath, eucalyptus, etc. It brings a touch of greenery and an immediately festive effect. Otherwise, opt for dried flowers.

Several shops are resources for these festive moments – which allow us to design a decoration with a reasonable budget. I advise you : Sostrene GreneHema, Amazon for certain wall decorations that are less available in France (like the baby shower banner).

Other interior items :

organiser une baby shower


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