What makeup to use for perioral dermatitis ?

makeup perioral dermatitismakeup perioral dermatitis

After talking quite a lot about the care to treat perioral dermatitis, I will focus on makeup for perioral dermatitis. Indeed, I have produced only one post on the subject and I told myself that it could be interesting for you to see me put make-up in video – especially since lately, I’m suffering again from a small inflammation related to this skin condition.

Can we wear make up with perioral dermatitis ?

Perioral dermatitis is a sterile disease so it will not contaminate your makeup products – like powders, etc. On the other hand, whether or not you are prone to this disease, it is essential to regularly clean your makeup brushes and sponges because many bacteria develop there. It is important to wash them in order to avoid other types of imperfections or infections on the face and eyes.

It is quite possible to wear make up with perioral dermatitis, both in “healthy” and “crisis” period. Products must adjust.

makeup perioral dermatitisperioral dermatitis

What makeup for perioral dermatitis ?

As with the skincare treatments I told you about, the makeup may need to be changed. Indeed, even if perioral dermatitis is a sterile disease, some makeup formulas are more or less favorable. For example, formulas that are too rich in oily substances (foundation formulated on an oil basis or rich cream formula) or with alcohol should be avoided because they will fuel inflammation in the event of a crisis.

Makeup in times of crisis

In the video I am sharing today, I give you my advice in times of crisis because it is at this precise moment that our vigilance must be increased. Here is what I recommend to you :

  • Limit the amount of makeup : wearing make up yes but sparingly. The cure for dermatitis can only be done if the skin is allowed to breathe as much as possible. So have a light hand when using your products.
  • Use powder formulas : again and again, remember not to feed the inflammation with a cream formula which therefore has an emollient agent (which will provide hydration). Depending on your preferences, you have the choice : compact powder, loose powder, mineral powder…
  • Favor neutral tones : in order to counteract the red skin effect linked to inflammation. Indeed, to obtain a result that would approach us naturally, it is important to play on the palette of neutral tones. Avoid the blush, the highlighter and the colored eyeshadows which would draw the eye to areas more or less affected by the inflammation.
  • Structure your face to attract the eye elsewhere than on the pimples : having well-defined eyebrows, a good layer of mascara and a highlighted mouth are all “decoys” to look away from other areas of our face.

Makeup during healthy periods

When you are no longer in a peri-oral dermatitis crisis, it is possible to apply makeup normally. However, as mentioned above, your skin will not support the same thing as before so do not switch your products too much. Here are some tips that I keep daily :

  • Promote make-up that does not suffocate the skin : avoid layering with a primer, a foundation, concealer, powder, etc.
  • Prefer the 2-in-1 formulas : on the contrary, some foundations have a base that will blur imperfections or products with a powder finish to avoid adding powder, for example.
  • Have fun !

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