10 tips for taking care of yourself

taking care of yourself

Today, I wanted to combine my 10 tips for taking care of yourself on a daily basis. Indeed, this time of lockdown is an opportunity for some of us to slow down and take a well-deserved break ! We have less of this feeling of running everywhere – especially if we live in a big city, which allows us to put ourselves in the foreground of the scene. It is also a time when we can think about what is important to us and organize ourselves accordingly.

This idle time allows me to have more fun, take time for myself and be attentive to my needs. It’s up to you to draw from this list as you see fit !

Taking care of yourself every day : beauty routines

Pamper yourself

For me, it works both on the face and on the body. Taking time in the bathroom is one of my favorite hobby !

For the body, I don’t skip the exfoliation and hydration steps – which I do on a daily basis, even outside of this lockdown. As you know, I have a preference for natural products and one of the scrubs that I use regularly is the Botanical Scrub from Yves Rocher. In addition, I also use an exfoliating glove which allows me a more in-depth action and in particular, to remove my self-tan !

As for the face, I don’t know if you noticed it, but lockdown can have consequences on the balance of our skin. We can feel it drier or even have pimples like blemishes that appear. If you are looking for accessible face skincare, I invite you to discover those from Yves Rocher* that allow targeted actions both on hydration, the fight against skin aging or imperfections. If like me you have sensitive skin, go to the Sensitive Camomille range which is a new range from Yves Rocher.

Take care of your hair

Although we cannot go to the hairdresser at the moment, taking care of your hair allows you to live this period better. Personally, I have a lot of hair (when I say a lot, it’s a lot !) And if I don’t curl them – especially at the moment when it is longer than usual, I l feel like I have a Playmobil helmet on my head. So, to avoid damaging my hair too much with the heat, I’m applying an oil bath. Use a natural – organic vegetable oil, if possible, that you will apply all over your head, taking the time to massage your skull. It is a little joy ! Leave for at least 1 hour and you will have an ultra silky dream mane !

Wear makeup

Little daily ritual for me. This is obviously not an obligation : you can choose to make up or not according to your desires. As I explained in my last Youtube video, putting on makeup during this period allows me to mentally put myself in condition to start my working day. It is also a moment when I have fun testing products that I have not yet tested and also thinking about new looks that I could offer you on video.

Do your nails

No need to varnish them but to have your nails filed, cuticles hydrated and the hands soft – it makes all the difference.

Adopt the perfect eyebrow

Even without makeup, well-defined eyebrows determine the beauty of the look, or even the whole face. For several years, we have observed a return of thicker and natural eyebrows – personally, this is what I prefer so be careful to draw out the tweezers too quickly.

self confidence

Taking care of yourself on a daily basis : lifestyle

Take time for yourself

This is tip #1 that I put forward. We find plenty of excuses for not taking time for ourselves when we respond when our entourage (more or less close) requests us.

In my job as a psychologist, I often say “to say no to the other is to say yes to myself”. To meditate !

Wear pretty lingerie

If you have been following the blog for several years, you know that I am a lover of lingerie. I love lace, I like to feel confident with my body and an adapted and elegant lingerie allows me to embody who I am !

It also works with clothes, jewelry, etc.

Move your body

You don’t have to be an outstanding athlete to move, the important thing is to find an activity that you like and that allows you to feel your body in motion. Take it easy and at your own pace : even if it is only going up the stairs of your building or putting on music and dancing, all is good for the mind ! The internet is full of ideas and I will be sharing my favorites soon.

Stock up on vitamins

Again, you don’t have to be a great cook, but I think using cosmetics is one thing and give your body all it needs from the inside is another. If you do not drink enough water and you lack certain vitamins and minerals, your skin will not radiate in the same way. Find inspiration on blogs and social media to color your plate.

Sleep well

This is the challenge I have given myself for three weeks : to have between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. I’m doing pretty well at the moment – see at the end of lockdown !

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