How to boost your immune system

In fall/winter, and even more so at the moment with the COVID-19 epidemic, how to boost your immune system is a must have. Strengthening your body allows you to optimize its functioning but is not everything. This advice does not replace the need to respect the containment put in place by the government!

How to boost your immune system ?

There are several tips to boost your immune system – and to get there, I use what Nature has to offer!

Healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet allows you to nourish your body with a maximum of vitamins and minerals.

Regardless of your diet (omnivorous, vegeta*ian, etc.), eating a balanced diet includes a plate including fruits and vegetables, slow sugars and proteins (animal and/or vegetale). Do not forget to consume vegetable oils (oils, margarines) which allow them to transport vitamins and minerals throughout the body and take care of your cells, hair, nails, neurons, etc.

Move your body

Moving your body will have several benefits – not just boosting your immune system. During this period of confinement, this allows you to change your mind and keep a minimum of physical activity.

On the immune level, being active increases the production of cells, such as lymphocytes.

Moving also helps support the endocrine system – which is not negligible !

Use natural food supplements

As a preventive treatment, it is always interesting to give the body weapons in advance to approach the season calmly. Whether in the form of probiotics, capsules or hydro-alcoholic plant extract.

Right now, I’m using Lehning’s Nature products : a mix for the body’s natural defenses and a ginseng-based solution.

You can also choose to take Magnesium as a food supplement to fight against a state of global fatigue.

For us women, taking care of your vaginal microbiota is very important. In prevention, there are tablets based in particular on cranberry which helps prevent infections when our body is more fragile. For example, following an antibiotic treatment this winter, I had a urinary tract infection when this never happens to me. However, my defenses were weakened and this is what happened.

Abdominal breathing

Breathing optimally oxygenates the blood and helps the cells to release the various waste products that clog them. The daily practice of abdominal breathing, that is to say into the belly, is a simple and effective asset to stay in good shape.

Turmeric cure

Miraculous root, it has been buzzing for a few months. Beyond the buzz, it is an excellent choice for health. It has anti-inflammatory properties and will boost dynamism. You can consume it in your dishes or as a drink like golden milk.

The mental

If the mind is not in great shape, the shape will not follow. Our mood and the quality of our thoughts directly influence our endocrine balance and therefore our immune defenses.

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