How to Give Your Skin a Detox

How to Give Your Skin a Detox

At the start of the year, both our body and our skin may need detox so here is how to give your skin a detox at home. I share with you a selection of products and all the steps I take to thoroughly cleanse and pamper my skin.

How to give your skin a detox at home : the steps

Before diving into the subject, I want to clarify that this type of routine must be done punctually – maybe at each season change, so we don’t disturb the skin too much. Indeed, the skin has a microbial life (with bacteria and co.) which must find its balance. If we bother it too much, this is where the problems begin !

For a facial detox treatment at home, I follow this six steps :

  • scrub : to remove dead cells,
  • steam bath : to open the pores,
  • blackhead extraction : targeted cleansing of the skin (especially the T-zone).
  • cleaning : deep cleaning
  • mask : bring a detox action,
  • post-treatment hydration routine : moisturize after treatment with your usual routine.

Which products to choose ?

For this detox moment at home, I have selected the following products which are products that I have tested and that I have found effective for this type of routine.

For the scrub, I use the H2O Exfoliating Peel which comes in the form of an individual sample. This avoids opening a large scrub tube and not using it until the next month. This scrub is one of the softest I’ve ever tested. In addition to being organic, it contains acerola, rich in vitamin C, which will fight against dull complexion. It is perfectly suitable for the most sensitive and/or reactive skin. It is applied like a cream. We massage the product and presto ! the scrub is done. The skin is not attacked and the result is there.

For the steam bath, I am a fan of the Qiriness Herbal Facial Steam Bath. The brand has developed pebbles with cocktails of aromatic plants in order to target detox, relaxing and purifying actions for the skin. As with inhalations, simply put the face over the steam with a towel and let the product work. In general, I use 1/4 pebble for a steam bath and I try to hold at least 2 minutes to fully open my pores before going to the next step.

Regarding the extraction of blackheads, it frees the pores of excess sebum which gives this impression of blackhead on the nose, chin, etc. This step is optional because if you do not know how to do it – better to refrain. Personally, it was my beautician who had shown me how to do it manually. Otherwise, I invite you to use a blackhead patch like this one or else to use a special device like the Lugira Skin Cleaner.

For cleaning, I tested a product received in a Birchbox that I find frighteningly effective. This is the Purifying Cleansing Anti-imperfections Paste from Garancia. This thick creamy texture turns into a cleansing, purifying and detoxifying foam on contact with water. Ideal for combination to oily skin prone to daily imperfections and more punctually, for more sensitive skin, it cleans thoroughly. After application, the skin is really purified, the pores are tightened and the complexion radiant. This product has a little astringent action that brightens the complexion and provides that radiant side that we so much need – especially in winter.

For the mask, I alternate according to the periods of the year. In this blogpost, I have selected a few products that I find really effective in detoxifying the skin and restoring its radiance.

If you are a fan of clay, I invite you to discover the White Clay Radiance Mask by Evoluderm. White clay is ultra-concentrated in natural minerals and will act as a radiance booster on dull and tired skin. The pores are tightened and the complexion radiant.

If you want a mask rich in vitamin C, opt for The Body Shop Energising Radiance Mask. This mask will boost the radiance and fight against signs of fatigue. I really like the fragrance of berries that emanates from the product.

If you are passionate about peel-off masks, I invite you to discover those from Boscia which is a natural American brand. I recently tested the Mermaid Fire and Ice Mask. Please note, this mask is aptly named. Even if on the packaging there is a warning that the product will tingle. Having a very sensitive skin, it tingled so much that I had a burning sensation. The product having a menthol effect, my eyes also stung. In short, I was afraid that the experience would be inconclusive and make my skin react. Finally, once the mask begins to dry, these sensations diminish. When I removed the mask my skin was lovely, the pores tightened, luminous and I had no particular reactions. However, I do not recommend it for daily use.

Finally, if you want to boost your skin at night, I invite you to test the Qiriness Brightening Detox Sleeping Mask. This mask has a creamy and slightly film-forming texture for a diffusion of the active ingredients throughout the night. This product targets the regeneration of the skin and will therefore act during sleep according to the principle of chronobiology in order to fight against the formation of spots and promote cell detoxification. This mask can be used as a cure and the results are visible from the first use.

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