Ten wardrobe essentials : my selection

ten wardrobe essentialsten wardrobe essentials

Today, we go back to my wardrobe to talk about the ten wardrobe essentials. Obviously, this selection depends on the person who originated it according to his/her style, etc. Nevertheless, I wanted to share the pieces of my wardrobe in which I do not regret having invested !

Ten wardrobe essentials

If you follow my fashion posts, you should know that my wardrobe consists of very feminine pieces (skirts, dresses) and rather light colors (white, different variations of pink and blue).

For me, the ten wardrobe essentials are :

  • the white shirt : a must have borrowed from the male wardrobe that I particularly like. The white shirt can be worn for many occasions : a work outfit, a chic evening but also for a casual outfit. Mine are slightly oversize (with the weight lost now) and I think it brings a very trendy touch and allows me both to tight it into a pair of jeans or skirt, or to tie it around the waist for a pin-up version. A nice white shirt requires investing. I own two : one from Anne Fontaine which has a style kinda musketeer like with a collar and frills on the sleeves. The other, purchased more recently, is a Marina Rinaldi in poplin cotton with playful pleats and pearl buttons for an ultra precious touch.
  • the trench coat : For the half-season, the trench is the ideal piece. Again, it can be worn in all circumstances : on jeans or pants, a dress or skirt, in short, it can make the easily transition between two seasons. A trench coat can also give a very couture touch if worn simply on the shoulders. Mine is a Jodhpur that I found by chance during sales one or two years ago. I like its navy blue print with very thin white lines for a very chic touch.
  • the little black dress : a wardrobe without a little black dress is not a complete wardrobe ! Again, a universal piece that is good to have on hand. The ones I prefer are of a skating form : tight at the bust and waist and flared at the skater. My favorite is a piece I found at Burton. This is a 3/4 sleeve dress with sleeves and top of the fine fishnet dress that brings a very pin-up touch to the look.
  • the jacquard skirt : a piece that immediately gives a strong personality to your wardrobe and look. Mine, I wear it in any season, with or without tights, and I love it a lot. She is chic without being too stuffy. She has a perfect cut and pockets, what a girl should ask for more ?
  • a pair of jeans : I tend to wear fewer and fewer pants but good pair of jeans is essential. The ones I’m turning to are the Maison 1.2.3 ones that work pretty well. I have one that has a straight cut, not too wide, not too close to the body and goes just right at the waist. It is comfortable and has this pretty denim color. Associated with one of my white shirts and my trench, that’s enough to make a very Parisian outfit in seconds.
  • the tutu : a piece a little original, even eccentric for some, nevertheless, I do not regret having bought this tutu. It gives the Carrie Bradshaw a touch in my wardrobe and allows me to have fun all year long with looks that are out of the ordinary.
  • the smart jacket : a piece that will transform any outfit into a sophisticated look. For some, it will be a suit jacket, for others a tailor, you choose the one that fits your style. The one that I particularly like in my wardrobe is a Chanel inspired jacket with a tweed fabric with a nice play of colors and material. On jeans, a skirt or a dress, it is perfect and can even serve as a jacket for the half-season.
  • the black stud handbag : inspired by the Valentino’s model, the black handbag with studs gives a rocky touch to your wardrobe.
  • the denim jacket : another versatile piece, a beautiful denim jacket – slightly weathered, for me, it is a must-have wardrobe. Mine comes from GAP and comes from my teenage years, she is very soft from being worn and I love the shape !
  • Flats : I can hear them screaming behind their screen…But for me, the flats are an essential part of my wardrobe. They can be worn with many outfits and have that “cute” and feminine touch that I love. If you know me, you are aware that I have my own personal collection of Repetto flats and that I love them !

With these ten essential pieces, we can create many looks and have outfits for several occasions without having to buy an ephemeral piece all the time. The principle of having essentials in your wardrobe is also to invest in clothes that we really like and more qualitative and sustainable.

Tell me what are the ten wardrobe essential according to you in the comments !

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