Qiriness Masks : thoughts about the Wrap range

qiriness masksqiriness masks

Qiriness masks consists of a wide range of Wraps as the brand nicknamed them. I have been able to test several skincare products and it’s time to give back to those who like to have a pampering spa session at home !

Qiriness masks : the Wrap range

The Wrap range is the skincare and spa collection of Qiriness. The brand invites us to take care of our skin by offering a spa ritual in three steps :

  • Step 1 : The scrub is the essential step to free the skin from impurities. The brand has developed two scrubs: one with beads (Wrap Exfolys au Riz) or without (Wrap Exfolys) in order to make a new skin and to find an immediate shine.
  • Step 2 : The steam bath stage with the Face Sauna is an important step in the Qiriness ritual. Indeed, the sauna face can open the pores to increase the action of products. In addition, each pebble has a cocktail of essential oils that have a complementary naturopathic action by releasing the mind.
  • Step 3 : This is the step of the wrap. Use a mask cream or microfiber mask to provide a targeted response to your skin type. A whole range is available between action brightness, hydration, purity, anti-aging, anti-hyperpigmentation…

The Wrap range therefore includes different types of cosmetics :

qiriness masks

Usage tips

What I usually do is to alternate a complete treatment with scrub, sauna and mask with sheet masks.

I invite you to take 1 hour of your time to enjoy your skincare. Put on a little relaxing music and start your spa ritual. On clean and dry skin, start with the scrub, then the sauna. If you wish, you can extract blackheads. Finish with the mask you have chosen.

With my skin type, I prefer the enzymatic scrub without beads – even if the rice scrub is very fine and can very well be used by sensitive skin. Regarding the masks, my choice fell on the moisturizing mask and the vitamin mask.

Opinions on Qiriness masks

You know that I like Qiriness products. They are gentle and effective and relatively affordable for products sold in perfumery.

The Wrap Exfolys which is the enzymatic scrub is perfect for the most sensitive skin. It helps release skin from dead cells without heating or irritating the skin.

The Water Wrap is a must have when our skin needs a hydration boost. It brings a lot of comfort when the skin claims it. I use it regularly in winter. It can even be applied all night long. The texture is light and cocooning which is very fresh when applied.

The Vitamin Wrap is the perfect solution to give a boost to your skin. If you feel tired, gray, lacking in light, it will be perfect for waking your skin. Its formula is very pleasant and smells good. It is energizing from the first use.

The Perfect Shine Night Wrap is really a good solution when you want to get rid of some small imperfections.

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