How to wear makeup in the summer ?

wear makeup in the summerwear makeup in the summer

How to wear makeup in the summer ? A dilemma that many of us encounter. Even if I love makeup everyday – for me, it’s a little game between me and I, when it’s hot, I do not really want to play ! I’m sharing what I do in this post.

How to wear makeup in the summer ?

Some people find that I do not sweat and that I am always look well put together… The image that my entourage sends me is far from what I feel when temperatures rise ! I have the feeling that my skin sweats by the slightest pore, that I am quite red, etc.

Until last year, I could wear complexion products, etc. This year, my preferences have evolved and going out without makeup (or almost) no longer pose a problem. If you want to wear makeup everyday during the summer season, it will be essential to think about :

  • sun protection : protecting your skin is the number one rule,
  • texture and formulas of the products : in fact, some support the sun more than others and
  • layering : what will you wear ?

How to wear makeup in the summer : protect your skin

Whether you are wearing a foundation or not, it will be important to protect your skin from the sun. If you do not wear foundation or powder, a special sunscreen face will be your ally. The one I prefer is the Anthelios spray from La Roche Posay. The spray format is compact and offers ease of use no matter where or when. Since I discovered it, it does not leave me anymore.

The majority of complexion products contain a SPF – the ranges go from SPF15 to SPF50. Depending on how you want to use your product and your exposure, you can better orient your choice.

Textures and formulas

If you want to wear a complexion product, consider 2-in-1 formulas that will not be over-covering and then tend to migrate. So prefer formulas such as second skin or powders that will not be too bright during the day.

Personally, with the heat, my cheeks are naturally rosy. I do not wear blush by these hot weather. If you want to apply a touch of color, prefer powdered formulas that will blend more easily with the skin.

For bronzer, the same rule applies. Choose your formula based on how your skin reacts to the heat. I think it’s also important to think in terms of rendering: matte or satin. If the tan (or blush) contains glitter, maybe the final look will not be the one you expect with high temperatures (exit the look of the mirror balls of the 90s).

As for the eyes, waterproof formulas will hold better with hot weather. Even if now, mascaras or liners “classic” are resistant, to make more freedom of mind, I favor the waterproof in hot weather.

wear makeup in the summerwear makeup in the summer

The layering

With the heat, the skin all the more need to breathe. This body helps regulate our temperature so yes, we will sweat more. In summer, I invite you to lighten up your makeup routine and take the opportunity to take real colors (while protecting yourself) to get this beautiful complexion halted that makes us dream so much the rest of the year !

My look

As you can see, my look is ultra simple and light. It just plays with a few touches of my face : the look, the lips.

The complexion is very simple. With a big brush, I apply a touch of powder to avoid too much shine and slightly unify the complexion.

For me, it’s important to have a well structured look. It goes through the eyebrows that I work with a pencil and a mascara. For the eyes, a touch of pencil grossly smoked and a good touch of mascara to play with doe eyes.

I have more fun with the lips that are the main element of makeup. I still love them so much fuchsia. At the moment, I alternate between matte or satin finish, even glossy ! This touch of color awakens my look and I like it a lot.

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