How to quickly get rid of acne ?

How to quickly get rid of acne

How to quickly get rid of acne, it is possible ! I recently discovered a “miracle” product that helps to reduce it in record time.

How to quickly get rid of acne ? : what to do

Before sharing my discovery, there are a few things to do to help your skin during acne, be it teenager, adult or hormonal.

A basic rule is to avoid fiddling with your pimples. Another important point is that it is not necessary to pierce them. Some may be, when they have the “head” white, with care and hygiene. However, generally, it is advisable to do nothing and leave the skin alone.

Discover the brand Indemne

Indemne was founded by Christine Simon, passionate about essential oils and aromatherapy. Subject to frequent skin problems, she has never found a satisfactory solution in products derived from petrochemicals. Christine Simon believes in simple and natural methods to feel better. The creation of INDEMNE is the culmination of a personal approach towards nature and others.

Indemne is therefore the first alternative natural and organic solution for skin problems. It is recommended by dermatologists.

By combining several essential oils, the brand creates so-called “complex” mixtures that are particularly powerful. The benefits of essential oils are combined with those of vegetable oils. They promote comfort, well-being, health, beauty. The effectiveness of these two families of products is brought together for the care of the skin.

The brand guarantees the French body of its products and has the Slow Cosmetic label. It is also cruelty free and vegan.

I discovered the brand during the press day at the Printemps de la Beauté and I was very curious about the concept. I had the opportunity to test one of their flagship product that impressed me !

How to quickly get rid of acne

How to quickly get rid of acne ? : the Gimme Clear ! lotion

The lotion Gimme Clear ! is a natural skincare with essential oils and organic vegetables to reduce excess oil and spots, blemishes, microcysts up to the acne of teens and adults and help the healing of pimples to regain a smooth skin texture. An oil blend that purifies and nourishes the skin deeply without leaving a greasy film. We find, among other things, in the composition of hazelnut oil, hemp, squalane, lemon, carrot, cinnamon.

The formula is light and pleasant. Its scent is typical of essential oils. It evaporates fairly quickly after applying the lotion.

I do not have oily skin or break outs but it happens to me punctually have some spots related to the hormonal cycle or sometimes stress, pollution, etc. I applied the lotion locally and within 48h – if not within 24 hours if I mark the pimples early enough, it disappears. The skin regains its balance in the blink of an eye.

The lotion Gimme Clear ! is available in a spray format (50ml) (£20).

Gimme Clear ! can be used in addition to your usual care and/or unique care. To discover the treatment protocol in case of cure, visit their website.

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