The Ingenue Cousin Flora by Penhaligon’s

The Ingenue Cousin Flora, the new fragrance from Penhaligon’s Portrait Collection. This creation is timely with the arrival of spring and I had a real crush on it. I’m taking you to this discovery !

The Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection

The idea behind Portraits is to transpose the characters of the British Aristocracy into perfumes and tell their stories in a scented track.

What are the secrets of the British Aristocracy ?
Are they as well educated, courteous and polite
as they are?

“Portraits” is a tribute to the English spirit,
between establishment, humor and provocation.
In fact … by way of introduction – can I present
you our esteemed family “Portraits” ?

Today, the collection is organized as a restaurant or more precisely the Penhaligon’s Portrait Café where you can explore the menu and choose which characters to discover as a starter, main course or dessert !

The special feature of this collection is its visual identity : the bottles and their boxes. Beautiful frescoes combine both the codes of the bestiary and the toile de Jouy. The bottles are all dressed with a cap in the shape of animal heads : birds, deer, dogs, wolves, etc.

The perfumes are 75ml and are sold at a price of 233€.

The Ingenue Cousin Flora : the fragrance

The spring brings two tornadoes arrive at the mansion : the two cousins ​​Flora and Matthew. These fragrances are available since March.

The story of The Ingenue Cousin Flora is :

The wide-eyed innocent of the family, cousin Flora is courteous to the old, punctual for her riding lessons and a smiling angel around her ma-ma. (She is the sweetest and youngest first cousin of Rose.) Always a most valuable witness to the mischief of her twin brother Matthew, she is diligent in her reporting and aims to be as helpful as she can. Her one true virtue, the meticulousness with which she hides her own guilty trail…

This fragrance is an aromatic citrus for women. The top notes are a citrus cocktail, the heart notes are organized around Musk and the base notes around Ambroxan (synthetic molecule representing grey amber).

The result is extravagant, exuberant and fresh. It’s invigorating, like the renewal of spring and the first rays of the sun that caress our skin. The track of The Ingenue Cousin Flora is full of life, like a breath of madness and above all energy !

The Ingenuous Cousin Flora : my thoughts

As soon as I scented the first notes of The Ingenue Cousin Flora, I had a real crush ! It is invigorating, fresh and aromatic while being wrapped in rounder notes of musk and grey amber.

In art, the ingenue is the archetype of the girl, on a romantic scale. It is the freshness of the first erotic sensations. I love this story around perfume that allows me to play on certain personality traits and sensations through a wake.

Every time I wear this perfume, I get a lot of compliments. It is original, delicate while being audacious.

I am totally a fan of its bottle and its bird-shaped cap that is like this perfume : light, volatile and singing in the blooming trees.

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