How to Survive a long haul flight ?

How to survive a long haul flight ? A question that prepares my ritual of packing preparation and my beauty vanity. If you followed me on Instagram, you know I spent a few days in New York. The plane trip does not bother me but I am still a little concerned about how my body and my skin will react. So I wanted to share all my tips to make the most of your trip.

Travel by plane : the impacts on the body

Air travel has several impacts on the body, I will share the list – not exhaustive, of what you can have :

  • the ears get clogged : with the change of pressure, as when you are in the water, the eardrum is put to a severe test.
  • the lungs will ventilate less, always with the change of pressure.
  • the stomach : the transit is disturbed (possibility of having more gas and suffering episodes of constipation). Always the pressure, the more it decreases, the more gas bubbles present in our body will grow. It is best to avoid all bubbly drinks during the flight.
  • The position : staying in the same uncomfortable position for a long time is not natural for our body. We can also experience ants in the legs.
  • Dry skin, dry eyes, etc. : the air in the cabin is drier air than the one we know on dry land.

How to survive a long-haul flight : beauty tips

The most important thing to think about is : hydration ! You will feel your skin, your eyes dried, etc.

It is better to travel without makeup – or if you wear it when getting on the plane, prepare what you  need to remove makeup.

Throughout the flight, I will regularly drink water to stay hydrated from the inside and prevent the mucous membranes from dehydrating too much. In terms of skincare, I combine :

  • Thermal spring water : the one I chose is Uriage Thermal Spring Water, one of the most concentrated in active ingredients and minerals to maintain hydration of the skin. Moreover, it has a slightly salty taste.
  • Floral waters : I alternate between the Rosamélis Eau de Beauté by Embryolisse and Organic Camomile Floral Water by Sanoflore.
  • A very moisturizing serum : I oriented my choice to the Élixir Source d’Eau by Qiriness which is very moisturizing.
  • A rich cream : I had taken The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream which is very soft and comfortable without being greasy.
  • A refreshing eye contour : I have chosen Éclat du Regard by Embryolisse which has a decongestant action. In addition, the product is ultra fresh when applied, a real must !

In parallel, I always wear cellulose masks for the face and eye area to cocoon my skin even more.

How to survive a long-haul flight : other tips

During a long haul, I advise you to wear comfortable clothes, not too tight and especially hot. Air conditioning is often intense in planes and you do not want to get ill.

On long flights, I always need to move a minimum. I try to walk a little in the aisles – without disturbing other passengers. I also do some stretching and yoga postures inspired by Adrienne’s Street Yoga video. Some people also wear compression stockings during their flight (I have never tried).

I also take a toothbrush and toothpaste and baby wipes to make me feel as fresh as possible. I also think of moisturizing body creams and a roll-on with essential oils to relax.

I always plan a night mask and earplugs to rest up during the flight.

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