Weekend in Versailles : a royal getaway

In February, I organized a weekend in Versailles and I come here to share this little break a few kilometers from Paris.

Versailles : transportation

It is the proximity of Versailles that made me choose this destination because it is not far from Paris and is easily accessible by public transport. From home, the trip takes about an hour.

Once in Versailles, the city center is easily walkable and everything is relatively accessible.

Weekend Versailles : accommodation

For this weekend, I booked a room at the Mercure hotel in the city center. The rooms are comfortable and the breakfast is generally good and plentiful.

The hotel is nicely decorated and the rooms are quiet. The staff is helpful and caring.

The advantage is that we were about ten minutes walk from the Castle so it was ideal to organize our time and our visits.

Weekend in Versailles : food

Saturday evening, we went to a restaurant that had good reviews on the site of LaFourchette : les Trois Marches. I advise you to book in advance as the restaurant seems to be full every weekend. The food was delicious, homemade in a very romantic setting !

For lunches, it was sandwiches (lots of visit on the program). Be aware, on Sundays, the shops in Versailles close early.

Weekend in Versailles : the program

The purpose of this trip was to visit the Château de Versailles – having never had the opportunity to go! The advice I can give you is to buy your tickets in advance in order to access the visit more quickly.

We were very lucky because even if there were a few people on Saturday to go to the castle. We were able to get there fairly quickly. On Sunday, when we went back to the Trianon and the gardens, there was a long waiting line.

On Saturday, we visited the castle and a small part of the gardens. I advise to wear a comfortable pair of shoes because we walked a lot. Of course, my favorite part was the Ice Gallery – really beautiful. Obviously, I was a little frustrated because the people prevents taking pictures as I would have liked. Nevertheless, it is the eyes that catch the most. We were able to watch a beautiful sunset over the gardens.

On Sunday, I absolutely wanted to see Marie-Antoinette’s estate. I loved this visit and discover the Trianon.

To walk the totality of the gardens, it would have been necessary to stay at least half a day more. Indeed, I knew that Versailles was a vast place but to see it with my own eyes made me realize how much ! Some visitors rent golf carts to explore the place. Personally, I prefer to walk and take the time to visit, observe, taking photos, etc.

We were very lucky because the sun has delighted us with its shelves all weekend ! It was magic for this month of February.

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