DIY Valentine’s Day : heart shaped tea bags

Valentine’s Day is a time when I think that the small intentions and the time given to the other are more important than any other gift, that’s why I thought of a DIY Valentine’s Day ! And you, what surprises are you preparing for this moment?

DIY Valentine’s day : heart-shaped tea bags

If your half (or yourself) is a tea addict, why not personalize each cup with a touch of tenderness and romance ? This activity can also be realized with her friends for a sorority moment !


Tea filters

White sewing string

1 needle

1 pin

1 paper heart shape

1 pen

1 stapler (personally I preferred sewing)

Sheets of colored paper (of your choice)

Tea of your choice

Cut the hearts into the tea filters by pinning the model above. Keep hearts by two.

Sew the two sides of the heart together starting with the upper tip. To start sewing, I don’t do a not but I use the white string that I double so that it makes a loop to pass the needle in it to secure the beginning. Keep 4 or 5 millimeters of fabric for the border.

Once you have saw around the heart, keep a small opening to pour the tea you choose. Per bag, I add the equivalent of a small teaspoon.

Finish to sew and make a knot at the upper tip.

Keep around ten centimeter length of string to add the paper tag.

For paper tags, I cut rectangles of about 1,5 centimeters wide by 5 centimeters long. You can either staple the string or sew like I did by passing the needle into the fold of the paper. Make a knot on the inside of the tag to secure the whole thing and cut off the excess string.

Customize tags by wrinting love nicknames or words of love.

 Slide the bags in a nice box with a mug and some sweets…

Happy Valentine’s Day !

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