Organic and green makeup cleanser

Organic and green makeup cleanser are an increasingly important trend in the cosmetics market. I’ve already talked about it on the blog: I’ve been trying for several years to reduce my waste in the bathroom – especially through the use of reusable cottons, etc. To know a little more, I invite you to read or reread this blogpost.

Organic and ecological makeup cleanser : why?

My skincare routines are not mainly oriented towards organic products but I am very sensitive to ecology and I try to promote small daily actions to reduce waste in my bathroom, favoring choices take a little more care of our Earth.

Reducing waste, opt for organic make-up cotton pads, so many small things that can make a difference. To each of us to choose the change that he or she wishes to establish in daily life.

My advice would be to think step by step, little by little, so that new habits become reflexes.

Organic and ecological makeup cleanser : the concept of H2O at Home

I discovered the concept H2O at Home a few months ago and I find the idea very attractive. The company was created in 1998 by Guillaume Leymonerie. H2O offers direct sales with an ecological, economical and ergonomic approach.

Its concept brings together 3 types of products :

  • My house : with cleaning with water. H2O offers concentrated cleaning products certified Ecocert.
  • My mood : with scents. Synergies 100% natural.
  • And Me : with bath towels and microfiber accessories. Cosmetics 100% natural Cosmébio certified.

H2O wants to make bio and eco-friendly products accessible to people who do not have easy access to organic stores as we can in big cities. Finally, the product comes to us and it’s great!

H2O wants to respect the environment and preserve our health. Their objective lies in the creation of innovative concepts and natural products, respectful of an ecological line of conduct for the well being of Man and Nature. The brand works with high demanding labels to guarantee healthy products.

Organic and ecological make-up removal : my test

I tested two products from H20 :

  • the Micellar Water, and
  • the cleansing glove.

Micellar Water comes in a glass bottle with a spray. The formula cleans, tones and refreshes the complexion. It adapts to fragile skin.

The formula contains hyaluronic acid of plant origin that helps restore skin hydration while providing a plumping effect. H2O Micellar Water also contains organic hazel floral water that purifies and soothes as well as vegetable glycerin that keeps the skin moisturized.

I used to use it as a supplement in my evening skincare routine. After using my cleansing milk, my foaming gel, I finish cleaning my skin with H2O Micellar Water. This treatment is very gentle with the skin and allows to free the face of the last residues of make-up, pollution, etc. The product is supposed not to be rinsed – but because of my perioral dermatitis, I rinsed it with a little thermal water before finishing with hydration. I find H2O Micellar Water effective and gentle on the skin. Nevertheless, it does not make it possible to completely remove the mascara or the eyeliner – in short, all the more resistant formulas.

H2O Micellar Water
(28,05 € the 200ml)

The cleansing glove offers a make-up remover with water thanks to its cleansing microfiber. It helps to rid the face of all the impurities of the daily in a single gesture. This accessory is rather effective. I think it removes the majority of the products. The most resistant formulas will need a complementary makeup removal but I find it more effective than Micellar Water. What I advise you to do moisten the glove with warm water or hot and let a little glove on the eyes in particular – for ease of removing makeup. Microfiber is really soft. I find the shape of the glove practical because it is put on all four fingers – which allows a precise gesture.

It is washed by hand but also by machine at 40°C maximum. Before using it, H2O recommends washing the glove separately 3 times. Do not use softeners or bleach. Do not iron.

H2O Cleansing Glove
(8.25 €)

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